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Cats need to be moved from Akron, OH to Fairmont, NC

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Sigh...I almost hate to start this thread, but a friend is desperate. I won't go into a lot of details except to say that 62 cats need to be transported from the Akron area to Fairmont in about a week or so. A truck they thought they had lined up was not refrigerated, so it won't work. This lady rescues and cares for cats. Many of them are damaged or ill, so I'm sure they wouldn't survive a 12 hour or more trip in an enclosed truck without some kind of cooling. The cats are all caged, so at least that's something. Please don't reply with any comments on her mental state. She has always been someone who rescues animals. She recently lost her husband and is losing her home. She has no choice other than to move, but won't go without the cats. I hope someone can give me a constructive solution. Any ideas are appreciated.


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Good morning: I am sorry to hear about your friends troubles. Could you maybe transport the cats in a well vented but un cooled trailer, like from uhaul or budget. The kind with slat sides and put a tarp over the top for shade. I think with enough water stops the incoming fresh air would allow most of them to make it. I did this while transporting cats from Arizona in the Summer to northern Utah several years ago and it worked out pretty well.
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