Cataracts in old dog's

Discussion in 'Working and Companion Animals' started by GoatsRus, Sep 8, 2006.

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    My chow who is a little over 12 has developed what appears to be cataracts in her eyes. She's pretty much a house dog and we help her up and down the porch stairs (she's got hip dysplasia also) and her vision doesn't seem too bad. Anyway, a neighbor said that they took a syringe (minus the needle) and squirted penicillin in their dogs eyes and it got rid of the cataracts :eek: Since I've never heard this mentioned before and would think if it was that easy everyone would do it, does this seem right???? Anyone heard of this? Does it work? I sure don't want to do anything that would cause her discomfort or worse yet cause her sight to worsen.
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    Jan 12, 2006
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    Our old dog Angel was diabetic and she had cataracts and hip problems.They could do surgery but its very expensive.Angel adjusted just fine to loosing her site she was on insulin and we gave her aspirin on her bad days to help with her hips.

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    My one year old Shih Tzu developed cataracts. I considered using the drops sold for that reason, PetVision. I was also told about one for people that I also found....Smyl ...something. I found it in the eye drop section of a chain drug store. Walmart also had it. Holistic remedy.

    The eye that got better from the penicillin injected direct was probably cloudy from an injury, not a true cataract MHO Thing to know is that the lens doesn't get a coating, it pits in it's many layers. The idea of the PetVision or the other is that the product fills in the pits. Even my surgeon was curious if it would work. I was going to try it but she developed them so fast that eye pressure was a problem.

    Yes, my puppy had the surgery and can see fine now. It was extremely expensive but again, she was only 1 year old.
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    Goldie's eyes are getting them too. As the vet put it, he can't read the paper anymore. :) He is adjusting and we watch him when he is outside moe than we used to. We know the time we have with him is going, but with luck and love, it may be awhile yet.
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    For humans, there is a new product that is dropped on the eye and disolves the cataract. Why don't you find out if it would work on dogs. Perhaps the company that makes it would know, or would know of an experiment going on. I'm afraid you'd have to call a human eye doctor to get the information you need.