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Cat emergency

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Got one of my momma cats just came up to feed, and noticed that she has a dead kitten hanging from her rear end, about half way out. Tried grabbing and seeing if I could pull it out, but it was lodged pretty good. She gave birth about 4 or 5 days ago, and the dead kitten is starting to rot. Got a horrible smell. Tried to catch her a second time, but that ain't happening tonight. Do you think I need to try and pull the kitten on out, or just let her go and see what happens. Affraid I'm going to really mess her up if I pull on it. You would think she would have pulled it out herself. The way she is smelling tonight, she has got to have an infection setting in by now. Should I just go ahead and move her few kittens that are alive to another momma cat I have, that gave birth 2 days before her? And then maybe just go ahead and put her down, so she doesn't suffer.
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If you value your cat at all you had best get to a vet as soon as possible. You will not be able to pull the kitten out and she will not be able to expel it on her own. If left in for many more hours she will become ,if not already, infected and die. The cat will require surgery and the kitten will have to be removed from inside. You might try and give the kittens to the other cat because they now are most likely orphans.
<<<<<Your friendly neighborhood cat vet here...........Sounds like you have BIG trouble here (the expensive kind) .........even if you or your vet could just pull the stuck kitten, there is the whole issue of WHY this happened (underlying medical problem?) and restoring her to health after what must be a massive infection. If money is an issue, euthanasia may be the best choice. A halfway effort at helping her might just be cruel and pointless. Take her to your vet for some good, objective advice. Good luck. And PLEASE remember to spay and neuter your cats in the future so this doesn't happen to any others..............
Remove kittens ASP. Mom will pass infection on thru her milk. Might have already . Don't know if they would pass infection on to adopted mother via unine and feces. Need to check with a vet. Mom needs to go to the vet or be put down. You know cats when they're sick like to go off by themself. Kitten will start to rot and mom will too.

I always hate when things like this happens and you have to make hard decisions. They have kitten formula that works okay. I don't remember the name but have used it in the past when mama cat developed mastitis and had to have mammary glands removed.

Today is Saturday. The emergency vets are in their offices, and your regular vet surely has someone on call. Most of them will give generic advice over the phone as to likely procedures and costs.

Go now, and call!
She finally came out of hiding today. Some how she has managed to free the kitten, and looks and smells 100% better today. Guess I'll let her be and play it by ear.
Looks like both you and the cat "dodged a bullet". You still have to be on the lookout for infection though. If you have any antibiotics lying around I'd start giving her some----about 50 mg a dose. Let us know how she progresses.
And get those Momma cats fixed!
june02bug said:
And get those Momma cats fixed!
Why? only got 2 females. They come and they go. All stay right here at the house sleeping on the porch. Plus they keep all the rats, mice, moles, and snakes away.
I agree with you, Ed. Cats are necessary on our farm in the mountains, and they disappear so regularly that I have stopped worrying about population. We never have very many, very long. :( And I'm happy that maybe, just maybe, nature is on your momma cat's side this time!
Should have seen all the cats on my grandma's farm. I can never remember her not having at least 30 cats around that place.
Ratting terriers are superior to cats for "ratting" in every way. They will literally dig in to rats nests/borrows and kill them all.
Cats breed at an alarming rate and although protecting your farm from rodent infestation is important, letting cats breed at will is not needed. You can always find people giving cats away or from shelters. Many offer free spay/neuter clinics to curb population. Cats have seriously threatened many songbird and chipmunk populations. Several states are suffering the loss of natural animal populations because of free roaming/breeding cats.
Another way to look at this is that we are stewarding God's land and should preserve the balance created for us!! By spaying your cats you prevent an increase in population, protect native wildlife, and can still have plenty of cats for your farm by rehoming unwanted cats. Giving those cats a new lease on life. The chance to live on a farm and hunt mice!! :) Maybe this provides a good reason, goodluck with your new litter, I hope your mamma cat heals up fine.
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