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Has this happened to you?????????
:no: Our home has windows that start near the floor. Our cat has discovered the old excersising the claws trick on the screen. We have tried water shouting and other tricks. :waa:
My DW saw somethng on animal planet where a guy used fine wire and a 9 volt battery to keep the cat off the furniture.
I tried a 12 volt battery and the cat never noticed the charge.
worship: Had a great idea :D Used a remote control dog training collar. Wired it to the screen and to a grounding pad near the screen and waited with the remote control. Tadaa!!!! The cat {who we love a whole bunch} started his excerise in the screen. I said NO!!! and then pushed the button. Wow The cat jumped back looked at his paws and backed away. He still looks in but keeps his paws off the screen.
I just rescreened our house and the cat damage can be costly.
Just thought I would share this idea. I don't belive in hurting our pets. But sometimes a boost is needed.
By the way our cat was tossed out of a car warped in a bag going over a bridge. My DW and I were on the bridge taking pictures and pulled the kitten put of the water. :)
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