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You folks have me champing at the bit!! I've spent the last 2 Saturdays combing the internet trying to find a place near that restores old stoves. I hadn't planned on fixinng the one in the cabin(just replacing it, the folks paid $5 for it 34yrs ago) but, spoke to oldest sister and she said there must be someplace you can find that can fix it. Needless to say the old soul in the young body is going to do her darndest to do so. Did find an Antique woodstove preservation Society based out of Waukesha,WI. Also, called Lehmans. There's a stove parts place located in Pittsburg,PN called Heckler Bros. (412) 922-6811

Hopefully this will help someone else!
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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