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"Captain Homestead" utility belt

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As folks here are aware, I often think so far out the box, I rate as freerange at times. Anyway the other day while watching a batman video, I got to thinking about the cool utility belt he had so I made one for working my homeplace.

I took a shoulder harness cumberbun back brace I use and added a few modifications. I added pouches around the outside waist wrap and shoulder harness to hold my leatherman, , small first aid tin, lineman cutter pliers, work gloves water bottle, hand trowel and cultivator, a few plastic bags and a nylon mesh bag, 10 ft length of 1/4 inch nylon clothes line and 6 inch stick handle ( great for making a rope sling to carry wood, limbs , emergency livestock lead or snake bite /cut tournequet, etc) and a battery operated dremel tool and a few attachments. I also added two rings at the back to clip a hunting vest style pouch if i need the extra carry capacity.

My entire belt weighs just over 5 pounds when loaded and contains most everything I need to do quick fixes without returning to the house when Im outside. I added the pouches so as not to interfere with the backbrace operation when I have to cich it up to protect my back and family jewels.

Now I leave it hanging on the hook by the door and just throw it on loose as I go out to propagate my trees or check my garden.

Best part is it keeps the bib of my overalls from making me look like Jane Russell :)
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Shrek said:
Best part is it keeps the bib of my overalls from making me look like Jane Russell :)
Your age is showing Shrek (grins)

All of this inspiration from a Batman video. Very impressive. :)
Jane was still doing bra commercials in the 60s and 70s and Mae West still looked good to us teenagers then too :)
Ya have to add a grappling hook with some wire so you can scale walls when needed. Also a flashlight with an Ogre shaped filter so you can send up a Shrek Signal.
man... i thought i was alone on the utility belt.

little maglight
work gloves
water bottle that straps on
25 feet of parachute cable
climbing '******* (they're more useful than you would think)
various tools make it in and out of the set up
and a harmonica or a jaw harp (just in case)
I keep a military web belt (with 'H' suspenders) with Woodsman's Pal machete, Cold Steel Bushman knife (makes a great impromptu pole saw for those really high branches), a Leatherman Wave tool, fencing pliers, pouch with fence staples, and two 1 quart canteens when we do our annual road cleaning at the ranch.

Must look and sound like a packhorse when doing the job (I know I smell like a DEAD packhorse when I'm done for the day :haha: ), but it leaves my hands free for the mattock and bow saw. Its this or drive the truck every couple of hundred yards and load / unload each time.
Ive got a bag hanging on the back of my wheelchair that I load up with all the usual useful tools and goodies that I need in a day as I work. Im thinking I might get one of those little tool racks that you mount on the garage wall and modify it to hang on the handles of the chair. Then I could carry a rake, hoe and spade too without too much trouble. I can even carry a few fence posts or a few 2x4s by sliding them between the bottom of the seat and the double x brace of the chair.
Somedays I look like an old peddlers wagon. :p
I love inventive homesteaders...

Shrek signal.... HAHAHAHAHAHA... I can TOTALLY see that!

Question is... who would answer it??
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na SHREK!

Pow! Bang! Wap! Clink! Boom!
William Hung would be proud... (American Idol for those who don't know)

He moves,
He moves,

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