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:eek: I was just curious how everyone did this year in canning and how much and what you all canned. We canned 60 + quarts of salsa, 13 quarts of spahgetti sauce, 12 quarts black currant juice, 15 quarts chokecherry juice. We will make jelly later this winter!! We also froze about 30 quarts of apples, I want to can these eventually but I had to do them immeadiatly and didn't have time to can them then. We have also canned 6 pints of pickled hot peppers. Any way how did the rest of you do ??? Sorry if this is a repeat post....

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Hi, WorkingMom, thanks for asking.
Have canned a great deal this year, as the garden did well. I suppose total count will be nearly 300 jars. I did begin to keep record of the number, but somewhere along the line, lost count. But this years crop is stored together in one place, and last year"s is segregated. so I could take a count, maybe when I'm done......
Still working on the sweet potatoes,a nd the white potatoes, too. and will make applesauce and butter later.
Canned: Frozen

blackberry jelly green beans
Roma beans cabbage
pole beans peaches
tomato juice, sauce, and quarters strawberries
sweet potatoes
white "
yellow wax beans


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We froze most stuff...cauliflower, kohlrabi, greenbeans, beets, corn, turnips, spinach and squash. Canned some tomatoe sauce, pickles, pickled beets and sauerkraut. In the cellar, there's cabbage, winter squash and pumpkin.
Still have about 30 gallons of tomatoes frozen, waiting to be sauced(not enough hours in the day)

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30 pints green beans
30 pints corn
30 quarts tomatoes
20 pints pickled beets
15 pints applesauce
10 quarts pickles
10 pints pie cherries
Brussell Sprouts
In the Root Cellar:
150 lbs potatoes
3 bushels apples
50 gallons cider
1 bushel squash
50 pounds onions
2 bushels carrots

Only thing left to do is slaughter pig at the end of the month and then I can go hunting :)

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WOW!!!! :eek: Some of you must have huge gardens. Since we live in town and Honey is trying to increase the property value with trees, we only have a 13X20 foot garden space running north and south in between 2 trees on the east and west side. When we move to his mothers (eventually) we will have a much larger garden, but for now that is about all we can get into such a small space and still have everything produce well. I go out into the country on state land to get the currants and I know someone that has 2 huge chokecherry trees and doesn't can anymore. Not only that but she has a 10 foot mesh fence with barbed wire across the top around the property so I am the only one who gets to pick. :dance:
That is great canning everyone!!!!
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