Candy Bar Pie Dessert

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    Mar 24, 2005
    Ingredients needed: 4x7 inch Hershey bar, bag/lg. can of Shredded coconut, butter [or pam], large contianer of Cool Whip [or pint of whipping cream], Pyrex pie dish.

    Directions: Get a pyrex pie dish, spray on pam or butter the dish, carefully place shredded coconut pieces in dish to form a crust, turn oven on to 325 degrees. When oven temperature reaches 325 degrees, place pyrex dish in oven, proceed to lightly toast the coconut until it forms a firmed crust [usually 20 minutes]. Then remove pyrex dish and let crust cool. Next, take a large Hershey bar [4 inches by 7 inches] and place it in a pan and turn on to medium-high heat on stove. After the bar begins to turn soft and melt, slowly stir until evenly melted and chocolate has turned to a thick liquid. Remove pan from heat and let cool for about 5 minutes. Now fold in a large container of cool whip, or a pint of whipped cream topping [this is best for taste] in to chocolate in the pan. When chocolate and whipped cream are evenly combined, pour contents in to toasted coconut shell. Place in freezer, cover with Aluminum foil, and let pie harden/freeze. 15 minutes before serving Candy Bar Pie, remove from freezer and decorate with Chocolate shavings or crumbled Oreo pieces, or M&M's, or toppings of your choice. Quick, :dance: easy, and delicious