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Can u pls tell me what should I do with my doe??

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I am very concerned right now. I cannot blame on anyone about it. I wish that I went to the barn to MAKE sure that my husband did this what I told him.. Well I found out that my husband left the MOLDY hay outside and never TOOK em off of the pasture. I saw my doe eating that HAY! I am sooo worried. What should I do??? I have no idea how long that hay have been there. Becuz I have been SO busy and my husband been taking care of my animals for me. (sigh).. She is pregnant also. How can I do something before it gets worse (preventation) I know I know never leave the moldy hay that part. But I mean before the signs shows up.. Thanks. That is all I need to know.
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I agree with suzanne I would give her a shot of Fortified B Complex and if she dont need it it wont hurt her or the babies...some antibiotics can cause birth defects and lose of the preg. I would just watch her and goats are smart and can tell sometimes which is good and which is bad hay and wont eat what dont taste good. Mine are very picky and if tis not just right they dont mess with it. If she shows signs of polio or listerosis then you need to treat but hopefully she was just snooping and not eating the bad stuff.
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