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Can u pls tell me what should I do with my doe??

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I am very concerned right now. I cannot blame on anyone about it. I wish that I went to the barn to MAKE sure that my husband did this what I told him.. Well I found out that my husband left the MOLDY hay outside and never TOOK em off of the pasture. I saw my doe eating that HAY! I am sooo worried. What should I do??? I have no idea how long that hay have been there. Becuz I have been SO busy and my husband been taking care of my animals for me. (sigh).. She is pregnant also. How can I do something before it gets worse (preventation) I know I know never leave the moldy hay that part. But I mean before the signs shows up.. Thanks. That is all I need to know.
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Ohh Thanks.. I have been watching her closely. So far she acts fine and act like great and being FATSO! But I am just watching closely..
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