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Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by tedk32, Mar 26, 2004.

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    My name is Ted and my wife to be is Glory and we are really having a very hard time. We are trying to find a car or truck that will run that is around $100.00 or at the very least $100.00 down that someone will work with us with. and a place to live. We don't have but $100.00 between us and unless we are able to get work or at the least, me be able to get to work then, we are out of luck..

    What I would like to know is this, Where do we turn to find a place to homestead for one and does anyone know of any cars or trucks that is in the $100.00 or $100.00 down range that we can try to get. If I have transpartation then I could work and be able to pay $100.00 - $150.00 per month.

    If anyone can helpp us with this information then we would really appreciate it. Thank you all. Ted and Glory
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    Aug 1, 2002
    I've only ever seen one that was that inexpensive, and I saw it driving down the road. I think your best bet is to find a 'mom and pop' sales lot, a car for around $400 - $1000 and haggle a little bit. Most of them will take your $100 down... Ebay might be a place, but I've never seen one go that low there, either. Sorry I can't be of more help...

    Not trying to be nosy, but can't you ask a friend/neighbor/relative to 'carpool' for a few weeks while you look for a job or are going to work??


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    Mar 29, 2003
    Hello Ted & Glory. All I can tell you is this... if you are without work and eligible for public assistance - meaning you have no substantial savings and income that is small enough to qualify you for any type of assistance - financial, medical or food stamps - you would be able to get financial assistance in acquiring an inexpensive car so you could accept a job offer. You must have a job offer in order to qualify for this, though.

    So, if you have a job offer at a convenience store, for example, you could go to the public assistance office and they would allot a certain amount of money to purchase a vehicle with. There is also a clothing allowance available to someone who doesn't have work attire that would be required to accept a position.
  4. I can't see how getting a car would help if you can't scrape $100 together to buy one.
    Along with a car comes high dollar insurance, taxes, gasoline, oil, tires, parts, and licensing. Probably more like $1,000 than $100. I'm sorry, but those are the simple facts.

    Your neighboring state of Alabama has some sort of "Autos for Work" grant program currently going on. I don't have a clue as to how it works, but you may want to think about a move until you can get on your feet better.

    Life can be tough at times and I wish I had something better to offer than "Best Wishes".
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    Mar 20, 2003
    Vancouver, and Moberly Lake, BC, Canada
    Cars are not as much fun as living for yourself, by yourself, with good neighbors and a big garden. You can find a place to live and enjoy every minute of it. Just go to the woods and look around. What's it like? Do you like it?

    Well there you go. If you can borrow an ax or chainsaw and spend a few of your 100 bucks for gas you can have a great time and be so happy you can't imagine what it’s like.

    You chop away and then it falls down, then right away you peel off the bark. It’s all slippery and fresh. Then line up the fallen trees and mark them, then run the saw between then and stack them up. Get some more poles for the roof and some plastic or branches, and dirt.

    There that took a few days. Now plant some seeds. In the mean time cruise around in the lush forest and find your next meal.

    Who needs that new F150 super crew cab with 4x4 and extra thick leather seats and seat warmer, all shinny and black? Just walk around and enjoy your new spot.

    All the best.

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    May 11, 2002
    Don't you know anyone, friend or relative, who will let you move in with them for a while to get a start? Couldn't you then find a job within walking or bicycling distance? So you have to walk an hour both ways or ride a bicycle 20 minutes both ways. After a while I suspect a co-worker coming from your direction would give you a lift. Where to find work. Start walking and inquire everyplace you come to, such as gas stations, food stores, farms. If they don't have work, ask for a referral to someone who might. Approach the local churches to see if the pastor/minister/etc. knows of anyone in their church who might take taked about needing help. If you find a job, don't miss an hour of work unless it is absolutely, positively necessary. If sick, still go to work if you can.

    If you work, let Glory be their housekeeper - and I mean totally. All cooking, all cleaning, all laundry, all everything. You do all of the yardwork. That in exchange for room and board. Where you can, pitch in on some of the food. However, squirrel way every cent you can towards that start. That means no fast food restaurants. No movies - even rentals where you have to pay for them. No weekend six-packs. No cigarettes. No recreational drugs. Shop for clothing at a thrift store. Work strictly on a cash basis. Cut up any credit cards you might have now so you aren't tempted to use them. May sound odd, but practice rigid birth control. Having a pregancy is something you absolutely don't need now.

    Ken S. in WC TN
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    May 12, 2002
    In beautiful downtown Sticks, near Belleview, Fl.
    Any community of 10,000 or so will have a day labor service, or so it is around here. The wages are minimum, about 40 dollars per day, but with two of you doing this it would be $400.00 per 5 day week, or $1,600.00 per month, its called effort and application. And yes, I was homeless for 95 days last winter so don't think I am comming off heavy or too strong. If your in a rural area many dairys offer houseing in exchange for work, and pay also, just in lesser amounts, but still enough to get by on.
  8. First you are on a computer. Your are either in a library, at a friends, or have one. If at the library ask the people in there about jobs, carpool, buses,and such. If at a friends see how they can help. If you have a computer of your own, then sell it or trade it in on a car.

    As someone previously posted, just getting the car is the first step. You have to pay sells tax, ins. ,lic., & inspection fees.

    You did not say what ages you both are. I am thinking quite young. Since you are not married yet, as your post implies, then I would recommend that you hold off on that until you are more financially secure. It takes work, work, and more work to get there.

    Young kids now are so scared of work that they would rather run a mile in another direction than rake leafs, or pick up walnuts out of the yard. I am using my grandson as an example.
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    May 10, 2002
    I was wondering about the ages, job qualifications and approx location in GA for jobs....

    Good luck...
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    Jun 4, 2003
    What about moving to a town or city that has public transportation and public services like job training? $100 should buy you two a bus ticket to the nearest city and a few meals until you find some help.
    You seem to have regular access to the internet if you're expecting to return here and see the responses to your question. If you're interested in homesteading, use the internet to find a farmer that is taking in apprentices for the summer. You can save your stipend over the next few months and get a fresh start in the fall with a few bucks in your wallet.
    Good luck.
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    "Young kids now are so scared of work that they would rather run a mile in another direction than rake leafs, or pick up walnuts out of the yard. I am using my grandson as an example."

    I don't think it's "scared of" so much as "disinclined to". I always wonder at people who pay allowances to their kids ostensibly for chores then withhold the allowance when the chores aren't done. Well, any intelligent child is going to quickly figure out that life is a lot easier without chores, and so what if they lose the money...Mom'll do the work!!! So, in our house, no allowances for any reason, and certainly not "so they'll learn how to handle money". What money--the future welfare handout? When kids are just handed money, they will never learn how to earn it and therefore appreciate it.

    Ted, I too second the "go live with family or friends and be their housekeeper/yard person in exchange for room and board". If you can pass a background check, you may be able to do this for an older person who needs some assistance.

    Also, you need to change your perceptions of "needs" a bit. You "need" a way to get to work, sure, but that can be accomplished in many ways other than by owning a car. Walk, bike, carpool, bus, etc. Lots of people think that because they live in the country they can't carpool--not true. Your county or city can help with finding people to carpool with.

    And please, if you are not financially stable yourself, do not rush into getting married--it doesn't help either one of you.
  12. big rockpile

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    Feb 24, 2003
    I thinking get a Bicycle,you should be able to get 20 mile radius within an hour,which should put you where you can get work.If it don't your too far out,so you need to move.

    big rockpile
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    Sep 4, 2003
    Sorry Ted & Glory! I don't know what to tell you. There is NO such thing as a $100 car.
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    May 13, 2002
    There are such things as $100 cars.

    Heck, I have owned several.

    Might try a junkyard for a fixer upper. You would be amazed at how many people in some areas "just get done" with a car, and take it to a junk yard.
    You might be able to work off the car amount with the junkyard owner as a parts puller.

    If I were you, and was legit about your need for a car, I would hitch hike to or call EVERY minister in the phone book, and tell him your situation. Don't ask for a handout, and tell him you would be willing to work in exchange for a car. You might be surprised at how many folks have an old beater sitting aroung that just needs fresh gas and a battery, but never called the junkyard to come get it. If the pastor says no way, ask him to pray about it and to pray for your need.

    BTW, you are going to have to learn how to maintain this car, so be willing to work and learn. If it is a good car, realize that old beaters need TLC, like belts and coolant, so be open to repairing these things yourself.
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    No can do Sue.. Mom has had 7 strokes and does not drive and dad is working all of the time. He leaves after I need to be there and the last time that I asked him he said NO.... Flat out.. Stpe-dad's ... LOL
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    May 10, 2002
    Where are the 2 of you staying now? Are you anywhere near a bus route?

    Before I drove, I got a bus schedule at the library and applied for work all along the bus route.

    Much safer than a $100 car, which will likely break down on you in a matter of weeks.
  17. Thanks to everyone that has responded. to answer a few questions in the course of the responses.
    1) I am 33 and Glory is 23
    2) we are living with my mom and step-dad right now but have no way for me to get to work. They can not and will not take me.
    3) I have work doing roofing but, I just don't have a way to get there and have not been able to get there in 2 weeks. I still have the job, I just need to be able to get there.
    4) I barrowed the $100.00 from my step-dad at his offer but, it is for the purpose of getting a car and he wants it paid back with in a year. No problems there as long as I can get the transportation.
    5) we live 12 miles outside of town and we are living in Toccoa , Ga.
    6) we don't know anyone else anywhere else that we could stay with until we can get on our feet. we have looked into that option. It is like the old saying. You will know who your friends are when the chips are down. The only friends that we have at that rate is my mom and step-dad. No one else would even talk to us about it any further than to say NO!!!!.
    7) For thoese of you that are not familuar with Toccoa, Ga. It is in the mountains and there is no way that I or Glory could walk 12 miles into town or bike it up and down these hills. We have thought about that.
    8) We have been talking about talking to some of the churches around here but, am un sure if it would halp or not. Not sure if they could do anything to help but, have been talking about that.
    9) No, we are not married and are not planning on getting married until we are on our feet and She is not with child. We know that would not help anything right now and that it would put a strain on us and the baby. We are not going to do that.
    10) We are using the computers at the library. wish we had one at home but, can't affored that.

    We appreciate everyone trying to help the best way that you can and hope that every one of you have a wonderful life filled with bright blessings and woundrous days.
    Ted and Glory
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    Jan 24, 2003
    Get yourself a sign my friend....

    "carpooler looking for ride to and from (certain town) between certain hours and will pay $5/day for gas money"

    Stand on the main route to town where work is with your sign....if you get an offer be sure to pay your carpool person religiously and extend your hand to help someone else when YOU can !

    God helps those who help themselves!
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    Mar 20, 2003
    Vancouver, and Moberly Lake, BC, Canada
    I promise you that riding a bike 12 miles will be the best thing in you life. You will get in great shape if you are not. 12 miles is a great commute. Hills are the best.

    You can do it!

    You may have to walk some at first. Then go one foot further while riding each day. You will feel better than you ever have. Try it. If it’s too snowy or too much ice then you can walk that part. You can get a rain cape for the rain. And wear a shirt on sunny days.

    I could tell you stories and how good it is and that you can do it (YOU can) and until you bite the apple you will not know how good it taste.

    The more hills the better!!!

    Cycling is not bicycle riding. Cyclist know about nutrition, and efficient bicycle operation. You even "eat to ride". You eat right. There are books out there about bicycle maintenance, which is a lot easier than auto maintenance.

    You can not believe the pleasure and great physical condition that awaits you if you get it together, when the going gets tough the tough get going. Give it a try.

    You can do it! or not, your choice.

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    Oct 27, 2002
    How did you get to the library at 10:00 on a Friday morning?