Can she really just raise a calf?

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by allenslabs, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. allenslabs

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    Feb 5, 2005
    I love my ANnie and had her spoke for but just can't part with her. So I decided to keep her and milk her a couple of times a day just to relieve pressure for a bit until her body regulates to what is needed and just leave the calf on her. My neighbor who used to own a jersey herd in the 1960's said that is undoable as she will make too much and have mastitis and I should take the money and run as it's not fair to my family to take all the time milking and those people will take better care of her than I could cause they would milk her 2x's a day and stuff. She produced over 17,000 of milk her first year and I know that is very good but her second year was barely 8,000. So I think I CAN do it but it will be harder at first. I don't HAVE to have the milk as my goat gives too much as is but I love the cow and her attitude and can't see parting with her for no good reason other than hubby doesn't want to have a milk cow but I don't plan on milking her for more than a couple of months, Is this possible???? Thanks all!

    Note that I keep all my critters well. They are all fat and well cared for and everything my neighbor just doesn't think I can handle adding more to my plate. I have 3 kids, stay at home, homeschool which I'll start doing soon and already milk a goat. I care for the yard and garden (which isn't some great thing as the garden needs weeded as is) and such but it all gets done and I don't see why it should be that I can't have things I enjoy as well.....
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    Jun 3, 2002
    Yes, you can absolutely do that. You just have to milk her like you said - just enough to relieve the pressure (and check for mastitis) - and DON'T feed her ANYTHING but grass or grass hay. We do it all the time with our Jerseys and two of them came from a dairy. It's a little easier with Jerseys who haven't been milked heavy like that, but you can still do it if you milk out a little for 3-4 weeks and watch them close for another month or so till the calf gets bigger.

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    Sep 7, 2002
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    I would also seriously consider getting another calf to foster onto Annie right after she calves- preferably a few days old- that will really help use up her milk and keep her udder healthy.
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    May 25, 2004
    You certainly can do it, & she will love it. My Jersey has raised all 8 of hers + 11 adopted ones. If you can find a couple of orphans to let her raise, you can still get all the milk you want, & let her make you some money, too.