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can hog panels be electrified?

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I am thinking of getting a couple of pigs and putting them in a pen of hog panels beside my garden. ONe side would or could be attached to an electrical fence that encloses a pasture. I've wondered if I could run the electricity over to the hog panels to electrify it? I would put these on metal posts, I want to be able to move the pen.

The reason I would want to electrify it would be because of my sisters doberman. I would be buying young pigs of around 45-50 lbs. Would her dog leave them alone? I am afraid not :( but am not sure since there have only been horses and cows on this farm since my sister got her (and chickens which she promptly killed). I know she didn't bother the new born calves but they are pretty big (I think they were angus, they were all black).

Thankful as always for the experienced posters on these boards!

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In theory, yes, if you can insulate them from ground contact. Using metal post would be an immediate ground. Some wood posts ground more so than others. Figerglass posts won't be strong enough. You will need to find some method of supporting the panels (which are fairly heavy), without grounding them. Something to consider would be to run a separate electric fence around the outside of your pen. This one could be wire strands on fiberglass posts. Personally, I prefer polywire over all metal wire.

Ken S. in WC TN
you will require hose clamps and heater hose from the auto parts and or a cheaper route use garden hose and duct tape slit the hose slide it over the post, then tape it shut then clamp the panels on and then check them every few days . this should work for you. otherwise you need to kennel the mutt, or if it kills the pigs shoot it.
Instead of hog panels, buy combination panels or with the larger pigs cattle panels will work. It's unlikely the dog would attempt tu jump over panels that high.
thanks all for the replies, looks like I better scotch that idea.

killing my sisters dog is not an option ;) but I wouldn't want to anyway (or at least most days!), I have a couple of yorkshire terriers who don't way 15 pounds between the two of them and I think her doberman deters ppl from my property as well just being in the *neighborhood*. But, I can't get anything small until I figure out how to keep them safe from her! (and the coyotes).

speaking of, will coyotes go after pigs? I would think a 45 lb or 50 lber even would be too much for them? by bil (husband of sister who lives next door) raised pigs a few years ago our in the old dairy barn there, I think he even put in a below ground storage tank for waste. At any rate, don't think he ever had coyotes bother anything. just his dob killing his chickens!

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have you thought about the fido shock fence and collar for the dog , just run the fence around your pen the mutt goes near and gets a lite zapp of juice for its troube. or you could use a slightly larger amount of juice ,a few times and they stay away.
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