campfire wood question?

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  1. Around here about a month after camping season starts wood begins to get scarce around the parks. So I was wondering if a person came around and offered some of you campers some fire wood for sale would you likely buy it? What would you pay for a bundle, say maybe 1 nights worth?

    I have access to about 40 acres of tree tops and have been thinking about cutting the smaller limbs into 2 foot lenghts and offer to sale this coming summer for campfire wood. Have also been thinking about selling fish bait such as rabbit/chicken liver, worms, etc.

    Have thought about each weekend evening (thurs.-sat.) I would load up with a supply of fire wood and bait and hit the nearby river parks that is close by.
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    Sep 19, 2004
    I think you have a very good idea. I have noticed in provincial parks nearer the big city that have private vendors (country store, etc.) that sell an armfull bundle of firewood for about $5 or more. If you are allowed to do according to your plan, I think you'll do quite well.

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    You may be onto something here. I know that in MO, quite often I'll see campgrounds with bundles of wood for sale. It amazes me but they get $3-4 for a bundle of about 6-8 split logs. A medium sized arm load probably. They sell a lot of them too. I also see these bundles at our local grocery because the town folks pick them up for their fireplaces. I get tickled because we heat solely with wood and have a HUGE wood pile and I can't imagine buying any but they sure do. I'd check with your local campgrounds and see what you can work out. Hope it works!!!
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    Depends upon who owns the park. If it's government-owned, chances are you'll need a license to sell it within the park boundaries.

    If its a privately-owned park, chances are the owner will want a cut of the profits.

    If these might be obstacles to your entrepenauership, I'd park my truck outside the campground gate and let the customers come to you.
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    Good idea. Around here people that live near the parks sell bundles of firewood and bait out of their homes to make a few extra dollars. I have never actually seen anyone in the park selling it though. I normally forget that stuff for some reason so I have bought a lot from people that had it for sale. They usually charge around $7 for a bundle of wood and $1 or $2 for a dz nightcrawlers.
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    around here they sell it for 5 dollors 6 split pices
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    I think $5 is the cut-off point. So sell whatever you think equals $5 and call it quits. To avoid state regs with the parks, sell it with signs before people enter state property.
  8. Thanks for the replies that gives me a good ideal as to what I should sell each bundle for and I'll check with the river rats (park patrols) to see if they have any problems with it. I would think they would appreciate it as I have seen where people have cut down small green trees in the park in hopes of building a fire with it. I'll also check with the convenient stores and private campgrounds to see if they want to purchase any for resale.

    Might as well as make some extra money while I'm cutting to restock my own heating source.
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    Make it $5 even so you don't have to deal with singles and change.
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    I think i posted this idea on big rockpiles thread awhile back, but dad who will be 71 this june has been talking about selling firewood bundles here in Central idaho to campers up and down the river in campgrounds.... mostly cause it is harder to find good firewood near campgrounds. He figures a bundle of wood that is about a cubic foot and a half plus or minus to make about 90 bundles to the cord, and sell for $4.00 each or 3 for $10, cause evryone likes a good deal.... yeah ya have to deal with a few singles once in awhile from an old skinflint like..___________... but not everybody is like that.

    throw in a small bundle of fatwood, kindling and you probably have a better sale than you figger. then this winter around Christmas time, and next Valentines day, people who live in the city and have a fireplace but dont heat with wood like a fire for romantic ambience [so im told] so sit in front of wally world and sell out the back of the pick up..... we doit in Lewiston Idaho and never have a problem with Wally cause mostly they know we are gonna go in a spend a few bux in the store if not everything we get that day.....