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  1. Need some information.

    We have a 5th wheel camper 26.5 feet. Mallards 1997 model. We have really enjoyed the camper but staying outside (Houston Texas area) we now have a leak in the back left side. Last year we cauked real well along all the edges. That worked but over the winter there still was some leaking. Of course the RV dealer said we need a new roof starting at $3000.00. Other that the roof everything is still in great condition.

    So knowing this my question is why could we not paint the roof with some type of rubberized paint. The RV deal said we could not do that. Of course they would 3000.00 versus a few gallons of paint.

    As usual any and all information is greatly appreciated.
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    May 11, 2002
    I suppose the roof is a solid sheet of metal? If so the only place to leak is at the edges of the sheet, and where vents and what not sticks through it. If the caulk stopped the leak for a while, you are on the right track. I find that I have better luck with 100 percent pure silicone calk. It is clear and dries to a stretchie rubbery seal. It doesn't shrink and crack like some caulks do. I would take a puty knife and remove all the old caulk possible and give it a good coating of the silicone at any seam or joint in the roof and especially along the rain gutters on either side.

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    Any leak repair that is on a flexable surface will not be permanate. The best I can think of is laying a bed of soft tar, inserting a layer of fiberglass window screen, adding a second layer of tar after the first one dries. A layer of aluminum roof coating over this may help if the unit stops moveing on a regular basis.
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    May 10, 2002
    my old camper had a leaky roof - used KoolSeal - guaranteed for 25 years - lasted 4 - gotta redo soon - my guess is that any fix will last much longer if the unit is stored under cover (out of direct sun) for the time it is not actually on the road - which, typically, is 99 percent of the time
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    How about a layer or two of fiberglass matting?

    After all, camper shells and boats are made of fiberglass.
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    Another thought is the spray foam that is waterproof and made for roofing.
    Saw it done in Florida. It's easy to do if you know of someone with the equipment. Maybe check with someone from down south as to the expense.