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poultryprincess said:
:D He said in his experience a larger buck does not breed as well as a smaller one. I have read both of my rabbit books & could find nothing to support that.I was under the impression that the California rabbit was one of the best for meat.* I also don;t know for sure if the 2 solid white rabbits (1 doe,1 buck) are related.**The last point for the "californian" is he is so luvable ((danger/danger)) THANXXX 8)
To my knowledge, your friend's experience is unsubstanciated.

You answer your own question; the Cal has better type, better temperment, and unrelated to the doe. Further, cals were developed for increased meat production with minimal offal. I too have read that Cal meat is superior but all domestic rabbit is good as far as I am concerned.

Keeping rabbits and chickens together is not a good idea from a hygiene standpoint.
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