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Cabin on Lake Eufaula OK

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Does anyone know where I can list to sell my cabin on lake eufala, OK? I have moved to SC and am looking to sell my cabin. It has a beautiful veiw of Lake Eufaula...Owner financing available with down payment.
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If you go to, click on Property Info, and send us the information we will post it, free, on our website. If you want, you can also send up to four pictures to [email protected] and we will list them, along with your property, for free.

What are you asking? What is the required downpayment? What are you thinking per month?
Sorry I haven't been online for a few day. Thanks for the info.
We're asking $50,000, would like to get around $8, 000 down but thats neg.
Payments would be based on how long one would want it financed. I am working on getting pictures downloaded...

Have a wonderful day and safe and Happy Holiday!

We will be updating the website within the next few weeks. At that time there will not be any free listings available. If you would like us to list your property visit us at

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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