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C..c...c...old. Frost.....

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It's so cold out there right now that DH just came in to put on his winter gloves to mow the lawn.

I came in and started doing house chores it's so chilly outside.

I covered what plants I could for the apporaching frost. the tomatoes are under buckets. I hope the peaches, cherries and apples will not lose their fruits :(. This is the first year most of them have ever bloomed and are loaded with baby fruits.
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Cold here in NE Ohio as well. Supposed to be 36 tonight and 37 tomorrow night. I wanted to plant my starts outside this weekend but that is not a happening thing. I had everything outside hardening off this week but now they are ensconced again under flourescent lights. This is the latest frost I've encountered in 12 years of living in NE Ohio.

Same here. Predicted low for early morning is 34 but it could go lower here. I tossed straw bales down to spread over potatoes etc. in the garden but have to wait until the wind dies down a bit. My plants were hardening off outdoors too, but like yours are now back under the lights.

I enjoy long cool springs but I do hope we get more of a summer this year!
Join the club, it is freezing here in WI. BRRRRRRRR! We went out this morn and I had on 2 sweatshirts and was STILL cold!!!!
We are preparing to go out this evening and cover our tomatoes and peppers. Hopefully it won't frost at all but I'm not willing to take any chances. It is crazy windy here so that should help matters some.
Thirties tonight and tomorrow night. I've got buckets, barrels and plastic draped over everything tender. I hope it's enough.
the wind stopped. It was crazy windy all day and now not even a slight breeze. Not a good sign!
Light frost to report here in upper middle TN.
Frost/freeze warning for here today and tomorrow am....

They forecast high 30's for us last night, but the ground is very warm. It was 45 this morning, no frost, not even dew on the ground. We have been eating strawberries a few at a time for the past week... This cold spell is certainly late... Lets hope tonight fades away with as much luck.

Outside of Charleston, WV
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