Buying water and storing it in NM

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    Feb 20, 2004
    We plan to spend the winter in the mountains near Santa Fe NM.I was wondering if i could buy a plastic tank to hold about 500-1000 gal.Where in that area? Also and most important, how much is it going to cost to fill it? Don't need it to drink, just sink and doing dishes. Thanks. Steve and Katerine.
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    Sep 13, 2003
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    .............I would find a 1,000 gallon tank. Also, You're going to need a 2 axle trailer with brakes on both axles. 1,000 gallons of H2o is going TOO weigh 8,300 pounds. You might as well just leave the tank on the trailer because it will be too hard to continually move it around. Also....You need to find a Tank with BAFFLES....because IF you Don't, the shifting water in that tank will push that trailer around like no body's business...........fordy..... :eek: :)

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    In my neck of the woods, some places cannot get water, so it is trucked in. You keep your tank underground or in the garage. A tanker comes to your place and fills the tank with water. Ask at an agricultural supply store, or perhaps even under "water" in the yellow pages.
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    Here is what all my (now former) neighbors and I did. (Don't live there anymore, they do).

    Take your big tank and set it in place. If you can put it underground, do. (You will be much happier with it underground.) Put it on the south side of the house. If you can't put it underground, then buy a green or black one so you won't have a lot of algae. Plumb it to the house (camper, shed, whatever) and use a 12v rv pump. Don't put the pump down in the hole. It needs to be in the house. You can buy the tank at a farm supply or coop in NM.

    At the farm supply buy a 200 or 400 gal tank depending on what you will be using to haul the water. It will fit in the back of your pickup. If you are driving something else that can tow but doesn't have room in it for the tank then get a flatbed trailer for it.

    Water can be purchased from most towns thru the municiple water dept. Call them and ask what you have to do. One place I lived you just fed quarters into a slot and the water shot out of a large hose with a lot of force. The next place you had to set up an account with the town and use a plastic 'credit' card that slid thru a reader. Then they billed you. You can be sure that there are lots of people hauling their own water out there.
    Hope this helps