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Buying on ebay question - ATV's

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Husband is looking for a new ATV and has been pricing them at the dealership. I suggested looking on ebay to at least compare prices. Well, he saw brand new 2003 ATV's selling for less then some of the used ones. Yes, he knows size & engine etc. make a difference but these were half of what the dealer wanted and at least one was free shipping. How can this be true? Is this a "if it sounds too good to be true - it is"? They were on the first page of the ATV's but when we got back from Church they were gone. Sold? Ripoff? A brand new 4 wheeler for $3000 (big one) is a great deal but we just cannot risk that money if this is a ripoff. What do you think? The one he looked at the seller was from the UK but location was CA or IL. Huh? He tried to check seller but all he got was info about his being a good buyer. Never bought on ebay before. Help! If another one comes up can we trust it?
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I have been involved in something like 1,500 eBay transactions, mostly as a seller. I would never, ever, buy anything which runs or anything electronic from an overseas seller. Your changes of getting ripped off are simply too high. On my listings I do U.S. and Canada sales only.

Looking at a seller's feedback record may or may not be reliable. You can manufacture positive feedback by using shill buyers who then leave you glowing feedback.

I'm not saying you can't get a good deal on eBay, just try to keep everything the U.S. so at least you are within its legal jurisdiction. If you can't go look at something like an ATV, then you are probably better off buying from a local source.

You can get some great deals off eBay. I use a lot of stainless steel welding rod. $10 per pound at the local source. $3.40 per pound delivered off eBay.

Ken S. in WC TN
There is alot of snowmobile and atv ripoffs on E bay. Check snowmobile and atv boards to find out more.

Thanks! I just knew this was too good to be right. Not all the sellers were in the UK. Some were in US but we were leery. He wouldn't consider a used one without looking at it first but the new ones were tempting. Does paypal protect you from ripoff in the US? Not just for this but other sales.
E-bay Just Took $35oo For A Atv Last Month
Off My Brother N Law He Cant Get His Money Back
And The Seller Had A Real High Rating, Can Not Be
Reach Ect.... So Thats Enough 4 Me Not To Buy
Yes, eBay self-insurances against bad trades. There is a deductible. If you get taken contact SafeHarbor there to file a formal complaint.
there have been a number of scams on ebay regarding atv's.... i look at the prices and NEVER found that to be that good of a deal anyway, when you figure in shipping to your door and auction price, a good local purchased atv is a better option. Many of the non US atv will be a pain to service in the future.
little mom said:
E-bay Just Took $35oo For A Atv Last Month
Off My Brother N Law He Cant Get His Money Back
And The Seller Had A Real High Rating, Can Not Be
Reach Ect.... So Thats Enough 4 Me Not To Buy
they steal the identity of a good seller. ebay says "trust me".
your money is gone with no one to contact
and ebay denies it even happened.
you're screwed!

The latest scam on Ebay goes like this. The seller has an unblemished record of positives say something like EBAYSELLER_1 (153). They are selling an item that is almost new, at 40 - 50% of the price of a new vehicle if you use "BUY IT NOW".

The scam works this way. The seller somehow "steals" EBAYSELLER_1 identity and their positive feedback record. Quite often, they are located in Europe, and claim they will ship the item to the US at their cost after the completion of the auction. They insist upon payment via PayPal within 24 hours of auction completion.
Of course, no vehicle exists.
The unfortunate buyer sends off there deposit or perhaps the entire amount......and never hears a word.
The con artist, on the other end, immediately closes out there Paypal account or transfers it to another "legitimate" account. There are absolutely no refunds on PayPal.
The buyer has learned the hard way, "If it sounds too good to be true........"

I have repeatedly notified Ebay of the con artists that are becoming all to frequent on the auctions. They appear to be unable to stop the thievery. I know of con artists operating in cars, trucks & motorcycles. I would imagine they are scattered throughout nearly all Ebay items.

If you are interested in purchasing a "big ticket" item on Ebay, do the following.
1) automatically refuse to consider purchasing items in which the person doesn't list there city & state/province. Auctions not based in the United States or Canada should never be considered.
2) send an email to the seller asking for details/more photos/etc.....and ask if its possible to see the item prior to the end of the auction
(Legitimate people conducting auctions are more than happy to show the item)
3) Never bid on an item that you haven't already seen with your own eyes. While many may disagree with me on this one, I'm standing firm. If you haven't seen it......don't bid on it. If the seller agrees to refund your purchase price if the vehicle isn't exactly as described....this could be the only exception (of course this still doesn't mean you should send any money).
4) Pay for the vehicle in person with either a certified check or cash. Don't turn loose of your payment until the title (free of liens/etc) is in your hand.
5) Paypal should be used only for items priced under a few hundred dollars. Remember, no refunds on Paypal use.
6) Don't take leave of common sense. If a car/truck/motorcycle/snowmobile/ATV/etc is being sold at 1/2 price or less, you should ask yourself the following. If I owned the item.....and for whatever reason.....had to come up with $$ quickly.....would I sell it back to the dealership for 70 - 80%......or sell it on Ebay at 40 - 50%?
7) Use an escrow service if there is even a hint of doubt......better yet, don't even bid if there is even a hint of doubt.
8) Never rely completely on a sellers feedback. They may have received there feedback buying $3 trinkets......hoping to sell a nonexistent item and make a big score. Identity theft is (unfortunately) happening on Ebay these days.
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With PayPal you can buy transaction insurance. It will be an option when you are telling them where to send payment. Don't know details. Sent someone $33 today and it seems like the insurance option was over $2.

Ken S. in WC TN
TO watch an EBAY SCAM in action go to:

The bike is a 2003 BMW R1200CLC. It retails in the neighborhood of $16,000+.
The thief is hoping greed takes over and the mark can purchase a $16000 bike for a mere $4900.

Will the thief score another victim? Will the victim spend part of their kids college fund getting an education on Ebay scams? Will the Keystone cops at Ebay security shut down the auction before another victim steps up to the plate?

Does anyone care?
Hoop, I wonder if this guy is a victim of ID theft. If you look in his history, he states he only does business in the UK. I was having problems with ebay spammers a while back, almost fell for it the first time-needing my account info. Been bit in the butt a couple of times too many and has made me more cautious. They were asking the right questions because I was selling some stuff at the time, but then I remembered that Ebay will NEVER ask for personal info in an unsolicited email. That jerked me out of my panic and I promptly shuttled the email on to ebay. So many people use the Ebay service to make a little extra money. It's just so infuriating when other people (or should I say jerks) look for and find a way to screw it up. :( Why?? :confused:

buy by reigion (yours) or one where your willing to take a day trip to pick it up. If it doesnt work like its advertised, walk away from it, inform ebay they seller defruaded you via his discription that wasnt true.
I diiid a search for my reigion and found 2 that both ads stated the bidder could come "test ride and inspect". I wouldnt put out 3k for a sight unseen atv. I'd buy on the local ebay pages only for this kinda purchase.
Lot of good advise! The alarms went up immediately for me and I just knew you all would know if this was legit or not. Guess not! At least I've had some fairly good luck on I think I'll stick to that for a while. He has been looking for other farm equipment by region and we would go see anything used before buying but new was so tempting. Asking questions first pays! Thanks for taking the time to answer :)
Tell them you want the reg numbers and I bet you will hear nothing back.

I forgot to add, pay for it when you pick it up, and no "deposit", even if the auction says theyrequire it, work fast after the auction ends, email the seller for directions for immediate pick up/payment, I doubt may ligit ones would refuse, because by you showing up the next day or 2 is faster than their bank will clear the deposit (my bank held electronic transfers for 4 days). If I had one for sale and 5 min after the auction I got an email requseting a phone number to make pick up arrangements the next day or 2, I wouldnt bother with the deposit I ask for. you dont show up when you are supose to, it goues back up for auction, and ebay will usually refund your insertion fees for a deadbeat buyer who didnt pay/pickup.
If the item has a title, you can also ask for a photograph of it, clearly shown it is a clear (lein free) title. If the item has been stolen, they are unlikely to have a good title.

Ken S. in WC TN
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