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butchered two hogs yesterday...tired.

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Yeah - it's hard to re-jive this morning at school! Shouldn't have done it on a Sunday! Julie
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I know how hard butchering two hogs in one day can be! But is sure feels good having all that meat in the freezer and it tastes soooo much better than store bought IMO. Enjoy!
Don't complain. You could have been born a pig.
Doesn't it feel good to have it done! Have you got your hams and bacon curing yet? I still have one hog to go.......hopefully will get it done soon. It's getting huge.
don - crack me up! I never cured anything - we do fresh cause I don't know how!
You butcher my pigs and I'll cure yours! Mike in Pa
Yeah, well.... :D

I wouldn't like to have to take on two at once. Pigs, that is. My experience is pretty well limited to sheep,and a very occasional beef. It takes a mighty big sheep to equal a bacon-weight pig. I've met them (100kg sheep), I've stood in awe and amazement, but no way would I choose to butcher them if I had my druthers. And sheep you can skin. Got to admit I'd be inclined to skin pigs too. I like skin on hams and bacon, but you can make things with tanned pigskin, and you don't have to scald-and-scrape.
Mike - Ive' threatened to butcher for you before - lol.
Don- we do skin them - the heack with all that pig hair.
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