Bulldozing in East Tennessee

Discussion in 'Homesteading Questions' started by GoatsRus, May 8, 2006.

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    Jan 18, 2003
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    Does anyone know the going rate (by job or hourly) for hiring a bulldozer in East Tennessee? I know a lot depends on the property (this is level to sloping). My sister is trying to find someone to bulldoze a homesite for her in the small town of Maynardville (the property is only 1/2 acre). The one quote they got was $5,000. I think that is excessive as we only paid $500 in another part of east TN (less sloping) for 2 acres. Of course both my properties were done more than 5 years ago. Plus, the bulldozer guy told her that he had to pay some kids $6 - $7 and hour to clear the brush before bulldozing..... does that sound right? We didn't have anyone clear brush for either of the properties we had dozed.
    (BTW, this property is in a "resort" area of Norris Lake and I guess they assume you have money if you own any of the properties - which isn't the case here).
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    Oct 12, 2003
    look in the phone book, check the ads in the local paper, ask neighbors. you should then have a list you can call and get prices from.

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    Um... She needs to find another guy... I live less than an hour from Maynardville. When we had our house site dozed AND a septic dug, the bill was $3000. If there is a lot of rock (and there is in East TN), he may have to do additional (and more costly) work, but if it is a straight-up dozer job, $5000 is waaaaayyyyy too high. As for kids to run clean-up, thats a rip-off too. A dozer doesn't need brush moved out of the way. That's what a dozer does - move stuff out of the way...

    Find someone else. My neighbor does dozer work. PM me and I'll give you his name and phone number.

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    $80.00 an hr i here say,for a normal sized dozer!