Building codes for Penna.?

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  1. We are going to add a room addition to our house & would like to know the problems we are going to have with the newly implemented building codes.

    We live in rural Penna., about 50 miles North of Pittsburgh. I called our local court house, but they were even more clueless than ME!! THey only knew that there were new codes & inspections that needed done.

    The person that used handle the building permits has resigned due to all the new codes. So I don't even know who to contact now!

    I tried to look up the codes on the internet, but you have to be a member to see them!!

    So now, I need to get a permit somewhere, & hopefully not need the whole doggone house inspected. (Probably wouldn't pass!!)

    THe new room would be a living room, 14 X 20. I've been waiting for YEARS for this new room, & when we finally have enough saved up to start, this happens!

    ANy help here?

    Mamahen, (not logged in!)
  2. Most towns haven't implemented the new codes as of yet. They must do it by 2005. This may be the case in your town. I'm going to be redoing the kitchen and the bath this summer to avoid the new codes in my town. Check to see if they are now active or not.

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    The new building codes became effective on July 8, 2004. Contact your Township or Boro buildings and ask for their new Building Inspectors phone numbers. If they are members of COG (Regional Council of Government), the inpectors could be from Pittsburgh. Your Township might have opted to hire their own inspectors though. Our Township has not gotten in the new forms for the builfding permits but we do have the phone numbers of the different inspectors. If you can't find any info this way PM me with the info on where you are and maybe I can get the numbers you need to call. I, too, live north of Pittsburgh and work in a Township building. I would be glad to help you out if I can...Laurie :)
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    The PA House and Senate just passed an ammendment to the UCC that exempts repairs and remodeling of single family dwellings and duplex housing from the state mandated inspections. That basically means that you only have to comply with what your local municipality mandates if you live in a single family home or a duplex. Construction of a brand new house is NOT exempt, regardless of the type of home unless the permit was applied for prior to the day the code went into effect. This is per a conversation that I had with our township supervisor yesterday. I have been in close contact with him and our local representative and senator since the framework for the UCC passed in 1999. What a legaslative disaster. They passed a bill that let an agency set the code without providing any input. If the law had been allow to continure without ammendment, you would have needed a permit and inspection just to repair your hot water tank! :eek:

    Here is a link to an article about the ammended code:
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    I was very relieved to hear about this. Don't need any more reasons to have other folks mind my business.

    DS was remodeling a bathroom for someone, before the repeal, and had to have 7(!) different inspections. Ridiculous.