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I just got home in the rain from a customer with a interesting barn build. I went out expecting the normal sawmill job, but when I got there the wood was more the size that would make good fire wood.
I charge 25 cents per bd ft normally but had to raise the price to 30 cents and still was expecting a beating. I was very happy to be surprised. Yes I made probably 100 dollars less for my time but the builder was there taking the wood as I cut it and a barn 48 by 32 took place out of gum sycamore oak and cedar. I am going to try to get pictures but here is the bottom line.
The owner help the contractor build so he only charged
I charged 800.00
The metal is probably 2500.00
Miscelanous 1000.00
So the total is around 7500.00 For a 12000.00 barn. The wood came from a right a way clearing and had to go.
It is noce to meet smart land owners because I would have past the wood not cut it, I was taught a lesson.

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Sounds like a good deal....we managed to build ours (not completely finished yet) for just over $1000. Used logs from an old barn tear down next door...we spent $1000 on the metal for the roof. Plus a couple bags cement and nails....

Husband has been milling all the wood for the framing and the siding. If you want to see it, just check out our blog. Over on the right, under labels, click on barn

Your fellow made a good deal!

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