bugs, mushroomy things, and other stuff

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    I planted three raised beds this year (first time for sq ft gardening..) I used compost, manure, potting soil and sandy loam top soil..... Threw in a bag of miracle grow vegetable soil and everything took off like gang busters!!! My tomatoe plants have blooms on them (grape tomatoes) and everything that went in as seeds are up at least 5 inches (in two weeks).....

    However, I noticed today that I have small grey powdery mushroomy things growing in the soil, some sort of white powdery stuff on the top of the soil in places and there seems to be some sort of small grey bugs all over in the soil... (crawling, but they can fly when I tap the boxes) They are as big as gnats and are sort of weird shaped, but definitely grey and EVERYWHERE....

    My question is, are these something I need to be concerned with or just "bugs"..... I thought maybe the manure/humus drew them to the boxes... (I have a real adversion to gnats and phoris flies (which these are NEITHER, but I just hate them!!)
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    Sounds like maybe something from the potting soil. I use mushroom compost, leaves and miracle-gro in my beds every year and have never had that problem...

    You can try several things which won't hurt people or plants - at least for the mushrooms and what sounds like mildew:

    Spray with milk (will kill off the shrooms and mildew)

    Garlic/dish soap/cayenne spray might help with the bugs

    "Tobacco juice" should drive off the bugs, but don't let the kids or dogs near it if you use it... at least till its dry.