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  1. OK, I have a question......theother day I went to the pantry and found what looked like dust on a bottle of syrup. Upon closer look I noticed that the dust was crawling...little white specks..too small to see legs, head, etc. We cleaned up and forgot about it. I thought they were baby spiders, so it was no big deal.

    Well, today we discovered that there are thousands of them, covering everything from unopened canned goods to a bottle of tobasco sauce!! I looked at them under a microscope and they are not spiders but six legged insects that look like teenie weenie white roaches. They move really slow.

    What might they be? I was thinking some site of mite, but my wife also buys bags of wheat, so I wonder if something may have been in one of the bags.

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    Nov 18, 2003
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    sounds like aphids but in your pantry?
    I dont think thats it.

    I'd be freakin and cleanin.

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    No idea what it is, but I'll second the cleaning suggestion! :eek:
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    Jun 8, 2004
    You might want to take a sample to the Ag office nearest you for an ID. Can't hurt to ask. The wheat is a big possibility, if you didn't freeze it. I always freeze grain products when they enter my house, at least for a couple days, to kill off any potential eggs.

    Good Luck,
    Meg :)