brown recluse bite on my knee

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  1. I was bitten by a brown recluse and so far i have only required treatment in the form of antibiotics---i tried the potato, it didnt help i tried a piece of fatback and that did no good either--------People the cure is here--I received this remedy from my christian chiropractor--so i thought i should pass it on---Activated Charcoal applied directly to the bite/wound will in fact "draw" out the infection-you can purchase it at any health food store--bandage over it to seal it-charcoal is messy!
    Take antibiotics as prescribed-take ibuprofen for pain/swelling I guarantee this works i have gotten results in less than 12 hrs---Remember with any bite/sting allergic reactions can occur shortness of breath, dizziness and etc. need immediate medical attention.................hope this helps......john
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    Can you show us a picture of the bite?

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    Anyone that is bitten really should see a Doc. But in case they can't for what ever reason....

    I have been bitten in the past too and can't use antibiotics.

    I used ichthammol and neosporan.
    Ichthammol will help draw out the posion.
    Keep it banaged with this stuff and change twice a day.
    It can take up to 6 months for the wound/bit area to heal.
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    actually, John , the antibiotic/antivenin is the only treatment for brown recluse, they have a long acting poison , and it CAn be debilitating if left untreated, it could end up a large open wound , similar to decibutus ulcers bedridden people get
    my husband got 4 bites when crawling under a home to do some plumbing work , it was bad, thankfully he had been bitten before, and we knew what it was , right away , we got to the doctor in less than 2 hours, and all he had was the red bulls eye making from them , which faded in a couple of days

    in the vast majority of cases healing occurs completely naturally in about 2 months ( this from a medical doctor who specializes in brown recluse treatment)
    the big wounds happen in only about 10 out of a 1000 bites

    someone asked for pictures, these are ghastly and graphic , and not nessecarily the norm for these bites !

    quotes taken from an article by Dr. Phillip Anderson published in the journal, Missouri Medicine
    Anderson, Phillip, C. 1998. Missouri brown recluse spider: a review and update. Missouri Medicine 95: 318-322

    "Almost all brown recluse spider bites heal nicely in two to three months without medical treatment at all. Also the long-term medical outcome is excellent without treatment."

    "In my opinion, early debridement without closure or grafting also results in delayed healing, more scarring, and without relief of pain or reduction in risks."

    "Systematic loxoscelism is uncommon, especially in adults."

    "We estimate that we have seen or reviewed about 1,000 credible recluse spider bites, and we have seen about a dozen cases of impressive, sustained hemolysis."

    "It would be fair to estimate that systemic loxoscelism occurs in much less than 1% of cases of focal necrosis of the skin due to loxosotoxin."
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    Consider any other health issues you may have, as well. I hate to sound all "gloom and doom", but one of our farm hands was bitten on the ankle quite a few years back. Several things went against him: he was overweight and diabetic, and he waited several days before he saw a doc about it.

    They treated it as best they could, but the infection eventually led to his foot having to be amputated. Then gangrene set in (due to the diabetes) and his leg was removed mid-thigh about a year later. I didn't hear from him for several years, and learned that he had passed away due to complications.

    His diabetes may have killed him, but it seems it all started with the brown recluse bite and just went downhill from there.

    I know this is a drastic story, but the way your body can/will handle the affects of the bite will obviously make a huge difference in the final outcome.

    Wow... didn't mean to depress anyone with that! :(
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    Yep, Easy day was posting the same information I have down here. If you already have health complications, a recluse bite makes things drastically worse. Run - don't walk - and get a recluse bite checked out if you think it was one of these lil' crawlies.

    One of our clients is diabetic, and after being bitten earlier this year, had to have some type of drastic blood filtering done - his bloodstream effectively became poisonous to him, and (I believe) he had to have a transfussion as well as strong medications prescribed. Was out of work for several weeks. There was strong talk of having the debridement procedure done on him, but I don't think it had to after all.

    It was his diabetic condition which made this bite much worse. He didn't die, or receive any amputations, but some fancy 'city doctoring procedures' were required.

    Its hard to believe such a small animal has such a strong poison in it.
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    I was bitten by a Brown Recluse a couple of months ago. Consequently, I'm current on the latest info about them.

    Unfortunately there is no such thing as "drawing the poison out" of a Brown Recluse bite. Poltices and salves may make you feel better mentally, but they really don't do anything else.

    The Brown Recluse injects a necro-toxin. This toxin kills the flesh immediately. After injection, the only treatment is to wait for the affected tissue to die, and dig it out.

    Steroids and antibiotics are proscribed to combat the systemic and local infection the necrotic (dying) tissue in your body causes.

    Here's the back of my leg about a week after the bite...

    Here's what it looked like after the first visit for the doctor to dig out the necrotic tissue. (the cavity under my skin is packed full of medicated gauze)...

    Here's my finger. I barely got tagged when I swatted the spider off the leg of my jeans...

    No insecticides kill Brown Recluse spiders. Some traps work well. The only solution is preventing their infestation via reducing clutter. They like hot, dark, vibration-free places like old boxes in your storage shed.

    Three years ago I also got bit twice on the face. One had set up housekeeping in my motorcyle helmet while it was sitting on a shelf in my garage. I have quarter-sized scars on my face from that one.

    You can bet I don't pick up boxes without looking at them or leave my helmet in the garage anymore! :)
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    The finger bite looks exactly like my arm looked the morning after I was bitten during the night. I alternated charcoal & comfrey poultices & by the next day, no swelling remained. The scab stayed on for nearly a month & now the scar looks like a large freckle. I don't know how it worked, but I believe it save me a lot of pain & I wouldn't hesitate to do it again.
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    I would pray and maybe a Fast. Prayer and Fasting is powerful.
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