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Broody pullet and chicks

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We put eggs under our broody pullet almost three weeks ago. The eggs are all brown or green but I couldn't see anything when candling. Our neighbor gave us the eggs. They should be at 21 days on Saturday. My friend is bringing us chicks that are from about two to four weeks. None are feathered out. If Mama doesn't hatch out these babies would she be OK with the new babies? We have a place to brood them but I feel bad that Mama has been sitting for a month. She was sitting there for a week before we gave her any eggs. I really want her to be getting up soon and I worry that she'll keep sitting there if she doesn't get her babies.

If she doesn't get any babies do we need to watch her when we introduce her back to the flock.
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I'm not an expert but I'm pretty sure that she won't accept chicks that are that old and they probably won't 'imprint' on her, either. If she doesn't hatch any eggs then she will eventually get off the nest and won't need any special treatment going back with the other hens. Don't give up--she may end up hatching some of those eggs :happy:. Does your friend have a rooster in with her hens?

Both times that a hen hatched eggs, at my house, it was on day 20 instead of day 21.

If you are able to get 'day-old' chicks you could probably put them under her at night so that she "wakes up" to them. Keep an eye on them just in case she doesn't accept them.
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