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How many have had or do have broodies this year? What breeds are they?

So far we have had 4. None sitting fetile eggs though due to roosters bad leg. I have more chicks coming to replace those we lost and get more roosters for hens. Plan on broodies raising them when they arrive. Just got to love broodies no chicks in house this year. :clap:
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We have two - well, had two. Our best broody, excellent mother and stable temperament just got eaten by a hawk. It was a real massacre. Ours too, were sitting on non-fertile eggs so I had just bought a small flock of chicks and put under her. She was raising them just fine. Ozwilla was a real joy. We've lost birds before - but this episode brought us to tears.

She was a blue wyndotte. Her sister (a splash) has never gone broody. In fact, of all the hatchery breeds we've raised (and it this point, we've tried on quite a few), Ozwilla for some reason, is the only that chicken we've raised that went broody.

Last Fall I adopted a couple of bantam cochins. The original owner was annoyed at their broodiness. Sure enough, one is broody. She did not do well with the two chicks i gave her. She was doing okay the first day. Not sure if she abandoned them to hop back on the nest, or if a rat got to them or what. They dissapeared though. She's now sitting atop some fertile eggs. Hopefully going full term with them (hatching them) will create a better mother of her. This is her last chance. She is keen on sitting a nest, but nothing more.
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I have a RIR? setting on 4 eggs. My very first ever!! Hubby built a brooding condo in the chicken house and DD is in there with her now... We are very excited that we may soon have chicks!! My DD loves hanging out with the chickens, since they were babies. She is very quiet and slow with them.. She's able to pick them up and pet them.
Last year I had 2 RIR's go broody. One of them hatched and raised 3 chicks.

This year it seems as if my buff orps are the broody ones. One of them hatched 3 chicks a couple of weeks ago and the other one is still sitting on the eggs. One of my white orps was broody for a few weeks but gave up on it after a couple of weeks.

I have also had a partridge rock that became broody and set up her nest in an old wastebasket :grin:. I never gave her any eggs to hatch and she got off the nest when the weather got really nice.
We have a Buff Orp who's been sitting on eggs for three weeks. I'd just about given up hope when I heard some very tiny peeps. One of the eggs has a tiny little hole in it now. We don't have a roo so we got our eggs from our next door neighbor.
i have three with chicks riight now, had two others but one hen got ate, and ones chicks got ate, now all three remaining are locked in the coop with their chicks and each has a corner of the coop, two are bantam or bantam mixes, one is a game mix, then i have another game silkie mix on eggs, and another game fixin to get set up in her own nest on eggs, i had a pullet setting out in the yard but i think she lost her eggs as she is now back in the pen clucking aimlessly, and i have at least one more for sure that will go broody and maybe two more possibles,
This is our first year and our buff orps won't be a yr old till June.
The first BO, Fluffy started with 8 eggs, and hatched 5. Very good mommy. I have a group of 20 from our first incubator hatch. Fluffy aka SuperMom, adopted them too. Now we have 25 chicks, at 5 weeks old running around in the coop and yard with the big chickens. Fluffy has educated them all, about how to deal with chicks.
Our white rooster was just plain dumb founded the first day when all the kids were let loose. We found him, this morning in the temp wire cage ( for night sleeping ), with the 12 meat chicks sharing breakfast with them.

I have a second BO been sitting for awhile in a separate nest / dog crate with 8 eggs. She is due sometime soon. I have Little Red, a buff orp/banty cross with 7 eggs under her in the nest box in the main coop. I should move her but she is doing well where she is, so may leave her there till the chicks hatch and then move them into a big dog crate for awhile.

I have 2 other incubator groups of chicks that I am hoping to sell sometime soon. If not, they will be moved to the main coop also.

Plan is to keep maybe 5 or 6 girl chicks, out of our oldest group to add to our current flock of 16 hens. Going to be hard choosing them :)
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This is our first year and our buff orps won't be a yr old till June.

....chicks, running around in the coop and yard with the big chickens. Fluffy has educated them all, about how to deal with chicks.

I have 2 other incubator groups of chicks that I am hoping to sell sometime soon. If not, they will be moved to the main coop also.
My buff will be one year old in June, too :D When I look at her with her chicks I find it hard to believe that less than a year ago she was one of the chicks. She has her chicks running around with the big hens, too, and no one is bothering them--it's amazing how they do that.

As to the 2 incubators that you have going---it's truly an illness :hysterical:. I'm "sick", also. I have chicks in the barn, 19 plus 13 chicks in the kitchen brooding (2 separate hatches 1 week apart), 12 eggs in the incubator plus 2 dozen heading my way through the mail. Since I have the shipped eggs coming i figured that I had better gather some of my own fertile eggs to hatch with them for no reason other than that I can....:banana02:
I hope it doesn't get too much worse......oh my........

A year ago April, we had no chickens. NONE.
Now we have 18 adults. And chickes everywhere, or so it seems.
Hen hatched 5.
First incubater hatch 20.
Second incubater hatch 9.
3rd incubater hatch 21, sold 8 of those so far.

Now these will be our last hatches for this year, unless I get some of the
first few groups sold.
I have one incubater going with 36 eggs.
Litte Red, the orp/banty cross has 7 eggs ( none of her eggs )
Mindy, the BO has 8 eggs.
I actually have a couple more BO's that are acting broody.
Trying not to give in to them. One is acting real persistent though.

And we have 12 meat chicks running around. Kind of hard to turn down a
$1 each chick bargain at the TSC. I call them the fat chicks.
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...there is no cure for IT
Is this a good thing....or a bad thing ?

I was telling the hubby this morning....well they are eating us out of house and home...and the heat lamps are running up the electric bill.....but dang...they sure are cheap entertainment :) :D
I have a buff cochin due this week and a white cochin trying her first brood wgo just started yesterday. I stuck a bunch of eggs under her to see what happens.

I'm concerned about the buff cochin, I don't think she is going to hatch anything. She got off the nest half way through and sat on an empty nest until I found her that evening. The eggs were cold. Put her back on and she has been there since. IF nothinghatches, will she give up? She won't sit there and starve will she?
I have a large variety of chickens and each year I have a few Buff Orpingtons that go broody and they make good mothers. Last year we ordered the exotics batch from McMurry's and in that batch were 3 cochins. The Black Cochin is now 10 months old and has been broody twice, she is determined to hatch the 2 golf balls that are under her! My biggest suprise broody is my Silver Laced Polish, she is so small that she would only be able to hatch maybe 3 eggs. After we thin out the flock I am thinking about letting my Black cochin raise a batch of chicks, I really think she would do great.

I also have it bad this year.

Australorps, Black Jersey Giants, and Black Sex Links have all gone nuts. Mu usual red game chickens are also doing their thing.

7 game chickens with 4 already hatched out and the rest still setting. Maybe 19 chicks with that bunch. 7 of them are fairly old now.

7 of the black hens with 3 having hatched out. 30 some chicks have hatched out with those hens. I don't have enough space in my 2 coops for all the chicks when they start roosting. Figure that I will loose close to half of the chicks to hawks, snakes, etc. The survivors will most likely end up in my barn. They make such a mess in the barn (already have maybe 10 chickens in there).

Next year I will not leave so many eggs in the nests. I was used to a hatch of 4 to 6 chicks with the game hens. The black hens have bigger bodies to sit on eggs. The one hen has I think 17 chicks and the other has 11 with more eggs hatching out at this time. Yesterday she started popping out chicks so I am expecting more today.

It is no use taking hens off of nests, they just go into a hidey hole and get broody.

I could sell chicks for snake food, but I refuse to do that.

Should have lots of eggs next year. I could not get rid of all my eggs this year before all the hens went crazy.
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We have high 80's and low 90's here in temps. Mine have not broken even though we take eggs each day. I have been keeping coop door open when it is real hot to get more breeze in there. I was having other chickens laying in their boxes but now that seems to have stopped. The others are laying in corners now or the one box that has no broody. I just hope no one goes broody in our woods I would never find her.
I have heard that chickens are the gateway drug!
I have a barred rock, a white rock, and a RIR/Buff Orpington mix broodie right now all sitting on about 6-8 eggs each. This is the RIR/Buff Orpington 2nd time this year...she hatched out two chicks in January. I also have a RIR trying to be broody, but she is in one nesting box one day and in another the next now i just pitch her off the nest when I see her and at night I have to get her out and put her on a roosting board
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