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"Broken" people???

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SERIOUS question here: When a person goes through a long, traumatic divorce, do y'all think or believe that it's possible for someone to end up with a "broken" ability to relate spiritually and emotionally to the opposite sex?:coffee:
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Yes, certainly it is possible. Not inevitable because God can heal that person's spirit.

I do want to add that sometimes when that person is healed they may still prefer to remain single, as they feel fulfilled enough without needing a relationship with a person of the opposite gender.
In this world we are all "broken", we are all under masters that we often don't even know we are under. If a person will hear the resurrected Christ, if we will see Him and not just doctrines, then we might be healed. If we have hard hearts, He will hide Himself from us. However, the truly broken, the contrite heart, the sinner that needs a Savior, He came (and comes) for such. If He comes for you, He will heal you.

Will you hear His voice? Then you may be His sheep. He is a good Shepherd that loves and cares for His sheep. He is rest and peace and joy. When you hear His voice today, will you harden your heart? Then you will wander in the wilderness and die, as the Israelites did. To follow God truly is a choice, it is a choice of masters, it must be made daily and it requires that God gives you that choice. You can ask Him for that.
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Broken ability?
Yep it is called grief and that can lead to depression. I have a DD that is broken as I write this.To have the LORD to fix it is all under the control of the LORD and the faith that person has. She is covered in prayer daily and we are praying for a break thru in recovery soon. Her prayers have not been answered her way so her faith is shakey. Her's was brought on by the breakup of a fiance that cheated on her. So to answer your question, YES.
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