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.................The Pshchological component of pain is MUCH more bearable if shared with those who empathsize with the "sufferer". And, we have ALL suffered some kind of Pain that would be somewhat "UNbearable" if we had to "go it alone". That's ONE reason that Makes "it" important for Jena too share her "pain experience" with those who have suffered such previously. Plus, it is a proven fact that you heal faster when your friends want you too Get better because your pain is THEIR Pain. Me Casa.........Su Casa......
................The Second , and MOST important Facet of this "Pain Posting" is that there are alot folks on this website who are going to BE much more conscientious before Exposing their fingers too potential damage and will probably therefore take Extra Care when working around machinery. And, you really can't give anybody the "the finger" if it's had the end cut off. Either givem the full monty or K'nuthin.......fordy.... :eek: :) ;)
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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