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Jena said:
that's ok. i was trying to be funny with my mr, i have no long nails!

i will cut out the whining though. i'm gonna go try and feed the chickens now...


Jena, you are a very naughty girl! And of course, most of us are just as naughty because so many have said, "take it easy, don't rush to do too much, etc." And just like most of us.. you're jumping the gun. This is good, as it means you aren't sitting around feeling sorry for yourself... but bad because you're hurting yourself!

My husband gets REALLY freaked out when someone breaks a nail back behind the skin line... just hearing someone broke a nail "to where it hurts" will give him heebie jeebies... So, I'm keeping your story "on tap" for the next time he needs me to "get him" tee hee...

He once ran his fingers around the wheel of a piece of tracked machinery... skinned them... ouch! but didn't do the damage you did. He was very lucky!

So, finish feeding your chickens, go to the library and get a good book, pick up some ice cream and sit your fanny down until you're a little better! No dishes!! Dishwater has to be full of bacteria - get an excuse from your doctor and hand it to the appropriate family member with orders to "do the dishes"! :)

You are often in my thoughts. I hope you heal up well, and soon!
1 - 1 of 29 Posts
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