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Breeding for fall lambs??

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Just wondering if it's possible in this climate for our sheep to cycle this time of year, so we can breed the ones that didn't settle last fall, and have fall lambs out of them? I live in Eastern Colorado if that makes a difference. If bred now, the lambs would be born in September, plenty of time to grow before winter. Thanks! Jan in Co
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I'm sorry Jan I've forgotten what breed you have! Some breeds do very well all year some are rather poor out of season breeders. All can be sponged with PMSG and brought into heat with estrogen injections. Its not hard but does require good ram coverage. I wouldn't say it is a cheap method but is does work virtually 100% of the time. If you're not interested in using a hormone theropy you could simply put the ram in with the ewes and see what happens. From reading a lot of what makes seasonal breeders seasonal is the amount of light they get, and certainly some rams (in some breeds) will perform much better if conditioned with light restricted. If I absolutely wanted Sept. lambs (which should sell well at Christmas) I'd sponge them to be sure, even though I have excellent out of season breeders.
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I guess the breed would help! Three of the four that didn't settle are Rambouillet/CVA cross, the fourth if half Shetland and half R/CVA. I'll try just putting him in and watching to see what happens in September. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, as they say. Thanks! Jan
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