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    Oct 10, 2009
    We have a 5 month old calf that was rejected by its mother last summer. We left him out with the herd, and he seemed to be doing ok. We go out and hand feed him every night, at first with a bottle of milk, then with a bottle of grain, and a couple flakes of his own hay. They hide behind the truck when they feed him or all those nosy cows come over and try to horn in on his "treats".

    Anyway we had a thaw after some pretty cold weather and one morning about a week ago my husband found him laying in a hole filled with water. He was pretty soaked and couldn't get up, so they used the tractor and got him up to the pole barn, where we put him on a pile of hay (we skipped a heat lamp) where he dried out and started eating, we rousted him up every day, and by the third day he was getting up on his own, and wandering around the pole barn at will, and making a mess!

    I thought we were just going to put him back out in the pasture, so imagine my surprise when I went out this morning and saw him in the chicken run with the chickens!! We have about 16 chickens and a pretty large run, and it is kind of funny...there he is standing guard over his square bale of hay and all these chickens are coming in and "sharing" it with him. I don't think he likes it!

    At least he is close to the house, so feeding him will be easier now. I used all 4 of our cattle panels last summer to extend the chicken run "temporarily" and I never got around to taking them down......its never boring around here...that's for sure.
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    You are very fortunate to still have him, Congratulations on finding him and getting him back on his feet. Good luck!
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