Bloody diarrhea in goat

Discussion in 'Goats' started by flemingdwigh, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. flemingdwigh

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    Jan 28, 2005
    I am a first time goat owner and have a doe that had twins last Saturday. She developed diarrhea this week and it is now bloody. Do I need to call a vet or is it something that I can treat?
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    Aug 26, 2004
    A lot of times the stress of kidding can cause a doe to have diarrhea because of the doe cleaning the kids and eating the afterbirth. I know most who remove the afterbirths if they can get to it before the doe.

    I would give her lots of fresh water to keep her hydrated, some Probiotics to balance the flora in her rumen and keep an eye on her droppings. I bet in a couple days, you should notice improvement in the consistency.

    I would not suggest any Pepto to treat the diarrhea - let it run it's course of cleansing the doe's digestive tract. Probably the blood you are seeing is what's left from her cleaning the kids, etc. The digestive system takes the nutrients it needs and sends the rest out the back (lol).

    Let us know how the mom is doing.

    How are the twins doing ? What kind of goats do you have?

  3. Vicki McGaugh TX Nubians

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    May 6, 2002
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    I would take a fecal into the vet and find out what kind of worms are sucking her blood, or if this is cocci. It could very well be both after kidding like this.

    Yes you could treat this yourself, every doe should be wormed after she has kidded. What wormer do you use? You can also purchase Albon, Sulmet, or Corid from the feed store to give to her, tell us which one you purchase and we an give you the dosage. IF you are good at giving large calf boluses, or have a balling gun, than purchase her weight times two in calf bolus, they will say on the package, it treats cocci. But do something now, diarrhea is not normal in a goat, and blood is an emergency. Vicki