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Block masosnry apprentice question. Building block corners

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Hello. I'm seeking advice and help from others with experience or a mason I'm a young man from North West florida with a fairly good amount of experience with Brick and block as an apprentice. I would almost be considered a mason.
When it comes to laying 8 or 12 inch block and even Brick I'm faster then most and very neat. I just lack confidence in correctly building block corner leads. Seeking methods to correctly and quickly build corners. Seeking advice tips possibly a video showing step by step for building corners , ranging, plumbing, and building them fast without wasting time doing unnecessary steps. Curious too on correctly squaring all four corners while building corners on a little foundation.
Seeking to grow in this career and be the best I can be. Would greatly appreciate any tips on that step by step instructions. Even better if anyone is willing to create a video. Thank you
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Not a mason but I recognize experience and willingness to share and encourage. A good foundation. Good work.

Good luck on the trail Moor2004.
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