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Block masosnry apprentice question. Building block corners

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Hello. I'm seeking advice and help from others with experience or a mason I'm a young man from North West florida with a fairly good amount of experience with Brick and block as an apprentice. I would almost be considered a mason.
When it comes to laying 8 or 12 inch block and even Brick I'm faster then most and very neat. I just lack confidence in correctly building block corner leads. Seeking methods to correctly and quickly build corners. Seeking advice tips possibly a video showing step by step for building corners , ranging, plumbing, and building them fast without wasting time doing unnecessary steps. Curious too on correctly squaring all four corners while building corners on a little foundation.
Seeking to grow in this career and be the best I can be. Would greatly appreciate any tips on that step by step instructions. Even better if anyone is willing to create a video. Thank you
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you got a lot more experience than i have, from your statement, and I am self taught for the most part,

to square something cross measure from corner to corner, or the 3, 4, 5 method, one can make a light wood frame 6 foot by 8 foot and 10 foot, for king size square,

when I have built corners, I would snap a heavy chalk line on the footer, that would be the out side of the wall, and figure out which way I wanted the wall blocks to start, set my first corner block, and with a 4 foot level, layout 4 or so blocks, and then the same going the other way, leveling and keeping it straight, one can if wanted use a line for other lines, after the corner blocks are set,
then do the next layer checking with the level to keep it plumb built it up 4 or so rows of block, I usually would then lay that amount of wall and then build another set of corners, take your time and build the corners true and the wall will lay easily, and look good,

my two cents
Not a mason but I recognize experience and willingness to share and encourage. A good foundation. Good work.

Good luck on the trail Moor2004.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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