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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Minelson, May 17, 2013.

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    I am going to make up a bloat kit for my goats. I know if it happened I would be able to handle it better being organized than running around looking for the the things I need fast. My very good friend lost a goat to bloat and it happened in 20 minutes. That wouldn't give me enough time to get my stuff together, find instructions, come on here to ask what to do .... So I want everything I need in one tote along with step by step instructions. Like my kidding kit was.
    I would love to have ideas from you all on what to put in my kit....
    Also if anyone knows a good source to print out instructions. I think I will use Yarrows idea and write dosages on everything. That way I won't have to try to figure it out on the spot. Thanks! :)
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    I'd start with a box of baking soda. a small plastic jar with lid or container (to hold baking soda/water mixture) and a drenching syringe (available at most farm & feed stores). A bottle of mineral oil, and a couple of sterile syringes (to administer CD Antitoxin, which needs to be refrigerated).

    This is a really good idea, Michelle! I hope others will chime in, to add their own great ideas, or even to correct me in case I've suggested the wrong or inappropriate things!

    Everything in your bloat kit can be kept handy right in the barn, except for the Antitoxin. It might all fit into a small pail with lid, or even a small toolbox or zippered shaving kit bag.

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    I agree with nehimama. Mineral oil, baking soda & I would keep a bottle of pepto bismol or kaolin pectin in there too since my vet suggests doing the mineral oil & baking soda together.
    Last time I needed to treat for bloat my vet said to give 1/4 cup mineral oil, 1/4 cup baking soda & then the next day to give about 20-30 cc of pepto bismol to coat & sooth the stomach. If you don't see results from this in a little while you can do it again the same day & again the next day if needed but usually works the 1st day.

    I also try to keep dosages wrote right on the bottle of med's. Much easier than trying to look things up in a panic.
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    Buy a small bottle of Thera-Bloat and add it to the kit.
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    Buy a cheap enema just to have in with your kit. One of my goat books includes an enema of mineral oil in the instructions for treatment. I think it probably just helps stimulate the intestines to help get gas moving along and out because they really start to fart.
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    Thank you for posting this Michele. After what happened here last night I have come to the conclusion no matter how tired, rushed, or upset always always always put your stuff back in the right place. I moved everything around a few weeks ago trying to better suit our lives (our house is filled with to much crap). I don't know if having everything right there would of saved my sweet little Clover but maybe I would be beating myself up right now.

    Everyone I talk to keeps telling me bloat will happen, and you will someday lose one to bloat... why does that not help me feel better?

    I was thinking last night as I tried to sleep (didn't happen) how many people have different kits? Like I know we all have birthing kits, but do you have like a someone broke their leg kit, someone is bloated kit and so on. And if you do what do you keep them in? Right now we have all of our goat stuff in a plastic tote. I am thinking it needs to be done differently but my mind will not function past the "I have to breathe to stay alive" and what HAS to be done today to make sure all animals are happy.
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    Vegetable oil works better than mineral oil, and Baking Soda really does nothing for "bloat", but is for Acidosis, which can accompany Bloat caused by too much grain.

    To TREAT Bloat, all you need is a drencher, some vegetable oil, and for EXTREME cases, a Trocar and Cannula, as a last resort
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    Donna..I am so sorry you are feeling such pain for your sweet girl. Please don't beat yourself up over this, we all know you take exceptional care of your animals and would and do go above and beyond to save one if it within your control! Unfortunately we are not able to save them all n o matter how hard we try, I know that doesn't help ease your pain but know this was NOT you fault!!

    Mineral oil
    Baking Soda
    3ft 3/8" and 1/2" clear silicone tubing & tubing kit for kids
    Funnel to fit tubing
    wood bite wedge
    2 bottles water
    large gauge needle (14 or bigger)
    alcohol prep pads

    I use the tubing to pass through the mouth in the stomach to release the gas and/or delivery mineral oil, baking soda or whatever mixture I need to get down there asap. Procedure is the same as if tube feeding a kid as for measuring tubing and inserting. Air from the stomach can escape quickly through the tube. Use the wood wedge to hold mouth open and prevent biting the tubing. Had done this tons with cows and when my first bloat case happened here I called and asked the vet if I could use it on the goats, he said sure so I did and it worked beautifully just as with the cows so I adopted the practice for the goats also. You still have to figure out the issue and resolve it but this is an easy way to release the gas quickly without poking the rumen.
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    If you can get a big IV needle that will work as a trocar.
    Get a pump too, so you can pump the stomach, like one of those old fashioned fish siphoning pumps with the bulb on it. Or a siphon type pump to pump gas. The tubing just have to be small enough to go down the throat into the stomach.
    I have to admit, I don't pump the goat's stomach. If anything like that needs to be done I call the kid who is a paramedic/tech person at the hospital. He pumps the stomach just like they do for an OD.

    Pump picture examples---

    Tocar example for goat--
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