black oil sunflowers

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  1. Hi,
    I transplanted some of the sunflower seeds from the bird food (remember the previous post where I did not know what sort of plant was growing under the bird feeder). Well the sunflowers are growing big, but I was wondering if they will be perenial (sp). And when can I expect to see a flower, they are about 3 feet high now.

    I planted them along side the garage, the space is only about 2 1/2 feet wide, and unused space, only thing is it only gets the sun for about 5 hours a day, the late afternoon setting sun.
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    Your post doesn't say what zone you're in, but sunflowers aren't perrenial in northern temperate climates. They do, however, reseed themselves ( and with the help of birds :) ) The blackoil sunflowers get huge....I think it's 8-12 feet high. You probably won't see any flowers till then

  3. I live in Chicago, IL. don't know what zone that is.
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    You are in zone 5. My self sown sunflowers from under the bird feeders will bloom about now, no matter how high they are. I have a few that just started blooming so maybe yours will bloom soon. It really depends upon when they sprouted.
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    The giant Russian sunflowers get as tall as 12 feet and have a single head that is sometimes over 14 inches in diameter. BUT the black oil sunflowers get about 4 feet tall. They should bloom any time now.