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if something ultimately has to be put down it hurts. Sometimes immensely.
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Of course it is a sad loss.. A loss to the species, A loss of revenue from a hunting license with that money going to wildlife management efforts.. You name it..

This spring there was a good size boar out too early and ended up in town causing problems.. It had to be taken care of..
Last spring we were on our way to the first farmers market of the season.. I see a cub on the shoulder of the road ahead.. I slowed to see it had been hit and killed.. Just in front of us the sow ran across the road, gave the dead cub a nudge with her nose and continued on into the bush.. I very much hated to see that kind of a loss..

Our neighbor keeps a lot of bees.. He keeps his hives on a platform built on top of a steel shipping container with an aluminum ladder to access the platform.. This gives a secure place for the hives with the ladder taken down.. The storage container used to securely hold feed and equipment..

There ARE SOLUTIONS.... IF PEOPLE CHOOSE to put them in place..
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