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Biscuit quilt

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Reading the thread about the mock cathedral windows quilt reminded me of a quilt my mom had made once. It was a portable one called a "biscuit quilt". It was like these instructions, but following the second method--

The second method is a little more involved. You still cut two squares for each puff, but this time you'll make one about 1.5 inches larger than the other. Place them right sides together, with the larger square on top. Gather the edges of the larger square and pin them in place so that it can be sewn to the smaller piece. You'll need to take pleats in each side to take up the extra 1.5 inches. Two pleats is probably enough, make them near the middle of the square. This method gives you a little more volume to puff up when it is completed.

Sew around the edges and leave your opening to turn it right side out. It might help to sew up one pleat on the open side, because sewing two shut by hand is going to be a bit tricky. Stuff your biscuit and form any remaining fabric into the second pleat. Sew shut by hand. You'll have a thicker puff with a flat bottom. Join the puffs to each other with whipstitching.

This is a better description--

Anyone ever make one of these? It could be something portable, like English paper piecing... :shrug:
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I remember these! It isn't that hard to do, just takes more fabric. No reason why the back of each square ( larger) couldn't be scraps or cheaper fabric.

And I agree that it could be something you take along with you to work on.
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