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"December 6-7, 2008

Wilmington, NC
sponsored by Cape Fear Biofuels Co-operative
$140 /$108 early registration before Nov 7th

For more information and to register, please see

This is a fast-paced class designed to quickly teach the skills needed for safely making high quality biodiesel, using a unique and truly hands-on format. After learning basic theory, practicing titration, making mini-batches, and learning quality testing, students will spend a full day solidifying what they learned by making biodiesel in realistic “Processor Stations’, practicing every step used in a full-size home biodiesel production system. Student teams will operate realistic, tabletop 5-gallon processor systems- a miniature version of the common Appleseed Processor/wash tank/dry tank found around the world- and the tabletop reactor will familiarize them with every valve, tank, pump, switch, and interconnect that would be found in a full-size system. The goal of the class format is to take the hands-on learning experience a big step beyond the ‘1-liter mini-batch’ equipment used in most biodiesel classes. There will also be a full-size reactor system on a trailer at the class, including GL-1 and pot still-type methanol recovery systems."

more info on the link.
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