big sand box = nice strawberry bed?

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    Hey y'all, I have a huge circle of sand in my yard. It was where the previous owners had an above ground pool. I gave the pool away to a friend at the beginning of the Summer. Johnnie and his friends have used it as a sand box since then. But I got to thinking that this was one of the few places on my land that gets sun most of the day (after about 4:00 the western edge is in shade) and it would make a good garden spot. Then I remembered that the strawberry roots that I got once online where very sandy so I got to thinking that perhaps I should just till this sand (after it has been picked up and raked....5 cats ya know) into the ground and make a HUGE strawberry bed out of it. What do y'all think? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
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    I plan on trying a version of this in the spring. I have a 4 by 8 raised bed filled with sand. I actually have two but I am using one for propogation. I decided it would make a perfect strawberry bed. I plan on leaving the sand in place and putting a thick layer of mushroom compost mixed with wood chips that has been rotting all winter on top and planting strawberry starts in that. I am thinking the compost and sand will gradually leach together with the help of lots of worms from underneath.

    Since it's already a raised bed, I can put a cover on it easily to keep out the birds.

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    Sometimes the dirt is treated to prevent germination of grass under a pool. Plants would probably be ok. I would till it and add some compost before planting.