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Better than toad licking...

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I combined the best of frog licking with my own nasty orb-weaver spider photos...

Behold my husband!!

Did I mention there might be something wrong with me? ...him, too. :)
Still haven't found a frog to lick. I'll keep ya posted.
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Awwww, he's on the chicken's side of the web.
Oggie said:
Awwww, he's on the chicken's side of the web.
Come on man,
zookeeper16 said:
Is he NUTS? That's a nasty lookin' spidey!
Wonder what a pic would look like of the first person who decided to lick a frog or slug?
Mmmmmmmmmmm........... nice bite of protein.
I sure hope that those are 2 pictures photoshopped together!
Better than Toad lickin...

Oh, I don't know. :cool:
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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