best way to water in moderate cold

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by okiemom, Jan 31, 2005.

  1. okiemom

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    May 12, 2002
    I am needing a better way to water. The man I got my rabbits from used crocks. I think it is a fairly good way easy to clean and fill but, the crocks don't hold enough water. I water twice a day and they run out inbetween :no: . I will be having to leave for the weekend and a neighbor will be helping. What can I do to make it almost fool proof. Is there anything I can do so they can make it Fri. night to Sun afternoon? I have automatic feeders

    I need to be able to water only once a day. I do like the fact I can monitor each rabbits water intake w/ a crock or bottle. I bought 32oz. bottles but they are dripping. I might be taking them back if I can't figure out how to not have them leak. How do you water your rabbits?thanks Katharine
  2. Meg Z

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    Jun 8, 2004
    I don't know your weather patterns there, but here in my part of NC, it rarely is below freezing during the day, so I water at first light. I simply keep two water bottles per cage, and swap them out. I fill them with lukewarm water, so they won't freeze quickly.

    I also have each animals name on their bottles, to help me keep the disease transfer risk as low as possible. Paranoia at its best, but I have a minimum of animals, so it's not a problem for me. If hubby had to take over for a day, he'd probably have a coniption! :D

    Good luck...please share what ever it is that you figure out works best!


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    May 12, 2004
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    I for one could not live without my automatic watering system from agselect. We have 27 holes inside and 3 holes outside (overflow) the three outside use water bottles. It takes me as long to take care of the three outside (filling bottles with hose) as it does to take care of all the holes inside. Plus, i have no better idea of water consumption of the bottle watered rabbits than i do the ones on the auto system. (edited to add: Water consumption can be gauged by feed intake. Less feed intake = less water intake) The rabbits on the auto system actually get more water easier than the one using bottles. If you have a freezing problem, they make heater wire that goes right in the piping. I used the pvc piping system, just bought the nipples from agselct and bought the pipe from home depot. also bought a tap that is the same thread (1/8 npt) as the nipples and drilled and tapped my own holes. Other wise they make a special tee you get from agselect that already has the tapped hole in it. I made a tank from a 1 gallon plastic bucket and used a float valve made for a evaperative cooler and bought a outlet valve from agselect. I think the whole system was cheaper than buying bottles for each cage.
    Check it out, to me it has been well worth the money and small amount of time setting it up (less than a day) for the time savings now and the peace of mind it brings.

  4. tyusclan

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    Jan 1, 2005
    I agree rzrubek. I don't have rabbits now but we had 125 breeding does at one time and we nearly went insane until we got the automatic waterers set up. I just used a tank off a toilet and piped water to it and then out to the cages. I put a faucet at the end of each run and would let it drip when the weather was supposed to freeze. That way the only thing that might freeze would be the plastic tubing running to each cage. Took a few minutes to thaw each of those out, but usually running some warm water over it for a couple of seconds each would do the trick.
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    Jan 4, 2005

    Hi Katharine, I use the 32 oz water bottles I got from Walmart ,, for my single rabbits those useually last overnite ,, only needing refilling once a day (in winter some could go two days probably) ,, when I have a doe w kits ,, I use the same lid and a 2 litter soda bottle ,, with wire from a hay bale to help keep the larger bottle in place ,,

    that amount will last a doe w 9 - 4 week old kits easily overnite ,, I have fryer cages w 6 - 11 week old fryers that a 2 liter lasts for them too ,, I fill once a day ,, soo if you tried it a 2 liter might would last from friday to sunday without refilling ?? if you have singles ??

    I like the soda bottles because they are easy to replace if your family drinks soda ,, and when we have freezing weather I bring all bottles in (to bathtub :haha: ) set bottles down take off all lids throw in a bowl of hot water ,, and put on the replacement bottles I have filled waiting ,, filling inside the house in freezing weather is lots better than filling outside :)

    One trip w a basket to gather all the frozen bottles then another out to replace ,, the bottles do drip to start with when you flip them over but soon as enough has dripped to create a vacume that stops and the thinner plastic does deflate lol but they pop back out in shape when I refill and if the bottles get too crinkled I throw and replace ,, oddly enough the clear bottles seem to hold shape better than the green bottles mmmm ,,,,