best way to catch a donkey?

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    I bought a donkey a couple of months ago as a guard animal for my goats. I got a halter to put on her so I can start getting her use to it for trimmings etc. Im thinking I can slip a rope on her while she eating but I dont want to scare her too bad. She thinks I might be a donkey killer, although she will eat out of my hand. Any advice welcome.
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    Best way is to mess with her a little every day.When you feed,try slipping a rope nice and gentle around her neck,while talking softly to her.Always let her see it and smell of it first. ;) .(just looped over not snapped or tied yet)When she allows this after a few days try leading her a bit.Hold her by it while, touching petting her head(or trying to at first.LOL).Theres a way to rap a rope around there head like a halter.Ive seen my mom do it but i cant explain it.If you can figure it out and get her used to that.The feel of it,and being lead by it.If she will let you do that to her.She will let you slip the halter on with out so much fuss.While you have her roped like a halter so you can hold her head down hopefully try slipping the reel one on.That will be fun,sence it has to slide over her eyes,she will throw her head up,and probably act a fool. :haha: .Just keep trying..

    Now i said that was the best way.The way id prefer to do it first.If time is of the essence or you get tired of fooling with her.Rope her and hold on.Over power her with two people and put the halter on.If you have to do it alone,you might try tyeing her off to a post or tree in the middle of the lot preferably.That way you can leave her to calm down,sulk,and give to the rope.And also give your self a break between trying to get the halter on..Good luck,and be careful.They can kick like crazy,and fast to!

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    Since she will take a treat from your hand, put the halter on the hand with the treat so that she can almost touch the halter when she takes the treat. Put another small treat in your hand and let her take that. Then another. Do this for a couple of days. Your next step is to, with your other hand, hold the halter up as if you were going to put it on her, but don't. She can then take the treat while the halter is at the start position. Do this a few times. Then, pull the halter up to her forhead while she takes the treat, then remove. The next step would be to pull it all the way up and on. Be sure to be offering her treats with your hand down so that her head is down, not up. Once your donkey is comfortable with the idea of the halter, you can put the halter on, then give a treat.

    You can't leave a halter on a donkey because when they scratch their face they can get their back hoof caught in the halter. I gave up using a donkey halter and now use a grow with me foal halter from Derby Originals. It is very easy to get on and get off my miniature donkeys. They look forward to having their halters put on because it means they get to go for a walk.

    To get her to walk for you, move a few steps in front of her. Pull gently on the lead, not enough to drag her, just enough to feel pressure. Tell her, "(name), walk". When she takes a step, the lead will slacken. Praise and repeat.

    When she will walk with you, take her to a post and stop. Groom her with your hands for just a minute, then take her back to her pasture. As the days progress, you will be able to groom her, lift her feet, file her hooves, and tie her. Do not start out tying her. When you do tie her, make it loose so she can get away. If she knows she can get away, she will be more comfortable standing still for you. When she does back up from the post, talk to her, ask her where she's going, and bring her back to the correct spot.

    You may wish to post your donkey questions on the equine board.

    And by the way, she may start nipping. This may be due to your feeding treats, but it is also a way of donkeys expressing affection. Do not give her treats unless she is standing nicely for you. Just use your fingertips to push her head away. Do not hit.
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    A curry comb. Start with brushing the rump and then slowly start working your way up to the head. Wouldnt catch the donkey though just brush for a few days with treats.

    I have had one donkey who had been abused and this was the only way to touch her. She turned out to be very sweet and wonderful donkey. We kept a halter on her for about a year till we could just walk up and catch her.

    Another donkey we have used this with hates men :rolleyes: but dh can catch her with this method. We keep a halter on her most of the time because of her being flighty.

    mrs whodunit