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Well, after a week of a sick baby and a sick husband, this morning everything was supposed to be back to normal. DH was going back to work, DS was starting a new job, and it was going to be just the baby and me at home. I was SO looking forward to baby's morning nap so that I could pour a cup of coffee and enjoy some computer time in my quiet house.
It was ALMOST nap time. Laundry was spinning, animals were fed, chores were done, coffee pot was perking, and baby was rubbing his eyes. VICTORY!!
While the bottle was warming in the microwave for 40 seconds, I ran to the restroom. As soon as I got "seated", little baby man comes running in with a can of Diet Coke. Shaking it as he runs, he drops it right as he enters the bathroom. KABOOM! Oh, yes. He and I are covered, the bathroom is covered even the UNDERSIDE of the cabinets and toilet are covered. He, of course runs away tracking coke all over the house, and it takes me all morning to clean it up.

I guess this is one of those cute moments I will look back on and smile when he gets older........but not right now!!!
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