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Best incubator?

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I want to stop buying my meat chicks and start hatching my own so I have been reading reviews on incubators. So far they all seem to have such mixed reviews. I don't want to spend a ton of money on one that won't work well. I would love to get your thoughts on the most reliable one to get. Thank you.
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I want to stop buying my meat chicks and start hatching my own
What kind of meat birds?

Believe it or not the incubator isn't the most important part of hatching. It's the instruments used to measure temps and humidity. A cheap GQF can hatch like nobody's business if temps and humidity are being read correctly. I know, I did it for years.
Test/calibrate all your thermometers and hygrometers.
Maybe I didn't explain well. We have 60 chickens now that are constant egg layers. Aside from that we usually purchase day old chicks once a year that we grow up to process for meat.
I think the confusion came with the term 'meat birds'...made us think about Cornish Cross or Rangers.
So you are hatching a bunch of layer breeds to slaughter for meat?
Any particular breed you find best for this endeavor?
We usually get cornish or cornish cross birds. They work well and are usually the cheaper of the day old birds when you order through the mail from a company like Murray Mcmurray.
Can you get hatching egg for Cornish X?
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