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Best incubator?

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I want to stop buying my meat chicks and start hatching my own so I have been reading reviews on incubators. So far they all seem to have such mixed reviews. I don't want to spend a ton of money on one that won't work well. I would love to get your thoughts on the most reliable one to get. Thank you.
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We currently have about 70 egg laying chickens but none of our girls ever get broody. We purchase about 50 - 60 meat birds at a time so I'd like to hatch at least that many. I have an incubator we used 20 years ago when we were trying to hatch but it would spike temps mid month and kill the eggs so we gave up and started purchasing meat chicks to grow up and process. We are just trying to save the cost of buying and the stress of shipping the day old babies each year. Not to mention, with the way the world is going I don't want to rely on outside sources to get my meat.
Getting the eggs isn't a problem. Our girls are giving us tons of eggs. Maybe I didn't explain well. We have 60 chickens now that are constant egg layers. Aside from that we usually purchase day old chicks once a year that we grow up to process for meat. We have been doing that for many years. The incubators I have used in the past either stop working or fluctuate temperature to much to give any real consistent success. I was just hoping that someone would have suggestions on a machine that was reliable. :)
I had good luck with Brinsea brand of incubators.
Thanks! I will look into those :)
We usually get cornish or cornish cross birds. They work well and are usually the cheaper of the day old birds when you order through the mail from a company like Murray Mcmurray.
I just bought my third Nurture Right from TSC. I hatch lots of Silkie chicks, ducks, and turkeys to sell and have had pretty good luck with them.
Thank you so much!
Thanks, I have a seed starting room that has a heater on a thermostat and stays a constant 70 degrees to make my peppers happy. I would be using that room to house the incubator. The one I have now was in that room and only fluctuated within 2 degrees for the first 12 days and my eggs were all doing great when I candles them at 9 days. Then I came in on day 13 with no changes in the room temp and the darn thing had spiked to 107. It must have been that way for awhile because the eggs were extremely hot to the touch. A lot of the reviews I am reading online complain about sudden spikes or sudden dips which is what prompted me to post here. I don't want to make an expensive purchase just to get another machine that won't hold temperature.
I am familiar with hatching eggs. When my kids were young we had a great incubator and hatched lots of eggs with the kids. But the kids are all grown and moved away now and we ended up selling the commercial incubator years ago. The one we kept is a smaller styrofoam 40 egg incubator that is now frying the eggs. I should mention the grow room I talked about above is an interior room of the barn and uses led grow lights for the plants not real sun light. :)
I don't know, I have never looked. I really want to get away from outsourcing my birds. The plan is to have the homestead produce as much of our food as possible. If I can get a large enough incubator that is consistent I will just go with the breeds I already use for laying hens since most of my groups are duel purpose birds and I'm already getting more eggs than we can eat and give away.

Perhaps I will just try to find another laboratory grade incubator. The reviews on the regular ones are really worrying me.
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