Best book for processing a steer?

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  1. DH and I are experienced butchering smaller animals--up to deer and hogs. Now we have a steer to process in a couple of weeks. We had a horrible experience with a local meat processor (the processor forgot to pick the carcass up from the locker--it was very rank) and will process this one ourselves! It's no problem for us to get to the hanging carcass--but we have never cut up such a large animal! We own a meat saw and an industrial grinder, so power is no problem. I am looking for a book that shows the cuts of meat--you know--where to cut for roasts, steaks, ribs.... I thought I had seen a post earlier, but couldn't find it. Any suggestions? Thanks! WI Farmer
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    Home Butchering and Meat Preservation by Geeta Dardick. It has a lot of Photographs on how to cut up the carcass. I have it from the library and have also seen it in a couple of used bookstores. It is published by Tab Books, Blue Ridge Summit, PA.